Islam Is Doing What We All Must! [Quote – 1092]

May 21, 2021

Allah bless Muslims! What else can I say?

The world does what it does, but those who understand Islam try to do what they must. What they are supposed to do.

That is my understanding of Islam: 

Everyone of us doing what we all must. 

And doing it well. 

And keeping on doing it till we breathe our last.

No matter who is around and who is not! 

No matter who watches and who does not!

Secure in the knowledge that Allah is right in front of you. And even if you do not see him, then for sure at least he is seeing you!

Wa In Lam Takun Taraahu,
Fa-Innahoo Yaraaka!

What a beautiful way of living!

And dying!


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