Islam Is Just Three Little Things!

Mar 1, 2021


Islam Is Just Three Little Things!

Dr. Pasha

Piecing together all things we know and understand about Islam, here are three little things in which we can summarize it all:

1. Learn Qur’an!

Reading the Qur’an correctly; and understanding the Qur’an, using dictionaries, translations and some light Tafsir where needed.

Required of every Muslim male and female.

2. Teach Qur’an!

Required of every Muslim male and female.

Hadith Sharif in paraphrase: Best people are those who not only learn the Qur’an, but also teach it.

Text of Hadith:

Khayirukum Man Ta’allamal Qur’ana wa Allamahu.

3. Implement Qur’an!

Qur’an is the Set of Instructions Allah gave you — Every One of You! — when he appointed you his Manager on Earth, by which you are supposed to run and manage the affairs of this world — Earth!

Hear Allah say it:

First: The Appointment Letter!


Innee Jaa’ilun Fil Ardi Khalifah!


I am appointing you — Every One of You! — My Manager on Earth!

Next: Instruction Mandate One!

Aayat Karimah:

Fa-Immaa Ya’tiyannakum Minnee Hudan.


Wait for My Instructions!

Next: Instruction Mandate Two!


Fa-Man Tabi’a Hudaaya,
Fa-Laa Khawufun Alaihim, 
wa Laa Hum Yhzanoon.


Follow My Instructions when they arrive, 
and you will make Your Life, and My Earth, a safe, 
happy and healthy place for all.

Next: Instructions Delivered!


Dhaalikal Kitaabu,
Laa Rayiba Feehi.
Hudan Lil-Muttaqeena!


Here is the Book of Instructions,
Free from all Doubt and Error and Guesswork!

So, these are the Three Little Things Muslims need to learn so they will:

(a) Understand what Islam is and (b) they will know what their duty is to themselves and to the world.

If the Muslims do that, their God promises them a happy, healthy, safe and worry-free life on earth: them, and all of humanity!

And the reason why Muslim Life and God’s Earth, both, are in such a Mess, in such a Terrible Shape, today, is because Muslims have not only Forgotten their Duty, they also Stubbornly Refuse to Relearn their Forgotten Lesson.

Even though people like Iqbal continually keep reminding them:

Urdu Text:

Sabaq phir padh Sadaaqat ka, Adaalat ka!


Go and Relearn Your Forgotten Lessons of Truth and Universal Justice!

So, Muslims! Where are you? 

Allah’s World awaits you!

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