Islam Is Not a Flash-in-the-Pan Business [Quote – 1044]

Jul 22, 2020

Islam means systematic work. Islam is sustained work. Islam means a commitment that never falters or wavers. Islam is not a Hit-and-Run business.

All the Qur'an and all the Hadith testify to this. 

Islam is researching and analyzing a project and embracing or rejecting it.

Islam is undertaking work; staying with that work until completion; and making sure that work is done in the best possible manner.

And hold oneself accountable for that work: for why that work was chosen in the first place; how it was done; and with what results.

This is called Itqaan -- expected of every Muslim -- doing things to the very, very best of one's ability.

Do these things diligently and faithfully and see what happens to you in six months time. And see, also, what happens to your community.

And to the Muslim Ummah.


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