Islam Is Not the Place for Charlatans and Social Misfits [Quote – 710]

Jul 23, 2016

Islam should not be the last refuge of scoundrels, charlatans, misfits, adventurers and nincompoops. 

And of those who may find or invent all kinds of excuses for cutting corners and compromising the integrity of the Islamic ideals of excellence in everything one does.

If Islam is the finest system of life, designed by the Most High God, who is free from all blemish and imperfection, that excellence and beauty and perfection should percolate to the level of human life on earth.

That means those claiming allegiance to Islam must reflect that beauty and excellence in their appearance, demeanor and conduct.

And that means those claiming to be Muslim must dress the best; appear the best; and act and behave the best, at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances.

That to me is Islam!


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