Islam Is Serious, Systematic, Targeted, Methodic, Painstaking Work 
to Achieve Concrete Results and Outcomes [Quote – 1055]

Aug 20, 2020

Islam is not a random voice in the wilderness. It is not preaching without a purpose or method or direction.

Islam is a lifelong commitment to select people with promise and talent; to target them; and to focus on inviting them to come to Allah. 

Our job is to find the right people, persuade them to join our work, train them, educate them, and make them a part of our team and then make them work for Allah. 

That is what Islam is and that is what we do. And that is what we must continue to do all our life.

In this business, it is not friendship, personal contacts, or blood relationship that count, but purely who will come forward to support our work and share our burden and who will not.

That way, we have neither permanent friends nor permanent foes, but only those who are open and receptive to our message and those who are not.

We look for the right people all our life; we search for them everywhere; and we go after them wherever we find them.

That is what Islam is and that is how it works. Now and always.


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