Islam, Muslims and American Presidential Elections 2016

Nov 12, 2016

Islam, Muslims and American Presidential Elections 2016

Dr. Pasha

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American Presidential Elections 2016 are over. But new campaigns will start over again anytime soon.

That is how we do it in America! One campaign hot at the heels of another – in an interminable series of campaigns.

It is like: The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!

That is how too many of us make a living. Too, too many of us.

The Campaigns this time around, 2016, were what they were. And yet quite different in some ways.

And the candidates too were who they were. A woman veteran of a long political life and a brash billionaire, a rank political outsider. Unique in many ways; larger than life in some ways; seriously flawed in some ways – as most candidates are.

Big Money was involved. More so perhaps than ever before. American elections are all about Big Money – among all the other things that they are.

Just like everything else in America is. It is all about Big Money.

The figure $2,500,000,000 ($2.5 billion) was mentioned as the starting, what Media would call, War Chest, of Ms. Clinton alone.

For the Media, money for elections is War Chest. And the elections are a Horse Race. Just as the Law Enforcement pursuit of a crime suspect is a Manhunt.

How absolutely edifying and ennobling these terms and concepts are! But that is our culture and that is the vocabulary and the vernacular arising from that culture!

My suspicion is Mr. Trump got away with far less money, even though he boasts of a few billion dollars of his money being stashed away under his Trump Tower mattresses.

And when he said he just wrote a check for $10 million of his own money for his Campaign, he did so with invisible tears flowing down his cheeks.

No, it is not a bad thing. His coming out as a scrooge.

It is good that the man seems to value his own money. Chances are he will spend less of ours on any harebrained misadventures, including fraudulent foreign wars.

Ten Trillion dollars were thrown away in our mad killing sprees of mostly innocent Muslim men, women and children across the world over the past 25 years. Even though the official dollar figure often acknowledged is $6 Trillion.

Pretexts and arguments, justifications and rationalizations used for these so-called wars were different, as they have to be, just like Paul Wolfowitz noted on television. But the object and outcome was the same: mostly innocent Muslim blood flowing like flood water in Muslim lands everywhere.

And Muslim masses, in their hundreds of millions, driven from their homes and ancestral lands and turned overnight into homeless, landless, hopeless refugees.

Wolfowitz said it best on TV. He said they used the Nuclear Argument to start a so-called war because they thought that would sell the best with the American People.

Even though sources may disagree on the exact amount of Mr. Trump’s wealth, no one seems to question the basic fact that the man is somehow a billionaire, likely a few times over.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the final bill for Presidential Election Cycle 2016 happens to top $5,000,000,000 (five billion dollars). And that to me would be an undercount.

The Big Media, owned by six or so Mega-Corporations such as GE, AT&T, Disney, Viacom, CBS, News Corp, and others, however, more or less ran amuck.

The Media acted as if this was their fight-for-life to own America – and the world – culturally and informationally, even as they owned large chunks of America economically and financially.

And not without reason.

For, about 200 Media Executives from these Mega Media Corporationscontrol” – and what a flawed expression it is: control! – what roughly 350,000,000 (three hundred fifty million) Americans and another about 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) human beings – call them People if you wish – around the world would see and hear.

And quite possibly how and what those seven billion People, American People included, would think and feel!

No wonder many Media Outfits gave the impression of being an interested and deeply committed party to the Electoral Prize Fight 2016, rather than being mere monitors and chroniclers, reporters and storytellers, of events that cascaded down from everywhere by the second.

Of the two running for office, one candidate won, as one always does, and the other lost. And that means some People won; some people lost. That is how our system of government works. And that is how it is supposed to.

And, for all its most deplorable flaws, none better.

And, listen to this, none closer to Islam.

The People – the same People the Constitution so eloquently and powerfully spoke about – spoke. They said their final say. And so far as history was concerned, American Elections 2016 were a done deal!

Earlier, America so brilliantly co-opted the notion of The People from Islam and the Qur’an – the Qur’an called them Annaas – and incorporated it in her Constitution, America I mean, claiming that mantle for the first time in human history after the Muslims had politically abandoned it and walked away from it a long time ago.

And it did so nearly two and a half centuries ago, in late 1780s I think, in a world, including the Muslim World, that was infested with all kinds of Emperors, Kings, Kinglets, Nobles, Blue Bloods, Bishops and Priestly Pretenders!

All kinds of Royalty, nobility and Clergy.

So, shocking as this may sound to many of the Clueless Muslims and their Mercenary Leadership and their own assortments of Priestly Pretenders in many parts of the world, no political event comes so close to wearing an Islamic Disguise as the American Elections – this one as all the others.

And that is in spite of all the usual warts and scars and flaws that show up as the process unfolds.

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