Islam or Muslims:
Muslims Must Make Their Choice

Jan 29, 2017


Islam or Muslims:
Muslims Must Make Their Choice

Dr. Pasha

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Muslim Mission on Earth

Should Muslims choose Islam? Or should they choose Muslims?

When Muslims choose Islam, as they are supposed to, “Muslims,” as a People, come with it as part of the package.

On the other hand, when Muslims run after “Serving and Saving Muslims” as a People, as national, ethnic, territorial and tribal groupings, and forget Islam, which is exactly what is happening mostly right now, Muslims run the risk of losing both: Muslims as well as Islam.

So far as Muslims are concerned, this is God’s Law for them. It is Sunnatullah!

And that is because Muslims are not ordinary people. Muslims are not just anybody. Muslims are a very special set of people designated by God as Khayir Ummah: the Best People on Earth.

And that is a huge responsibility to carry on your shoulders!

And that is because God charged Muslims with the glorious mission of saving the entire world. And not merely looking after the self-interest and personal aims and goals of themselves and their families and tribal and national groups, like the people of the rest of the world do.

And that means the job of Muslims is not to seek their own narrowly defined wellbeing as geographic or racial entities, but to worry about the world as a whole and dedicate themselves to strive for the wellbeing of all of humanity.

And one way in which they are supposed to do this is to Preach the Message of Islam to everyone everywhere in this world. Exactly the way the Prophets of God, Alaihim Assalam, did in earlier times.

This is the overarching Muslim responsibility on this earth. It is the most glorious Muslim Burden: Save the World or Perish!

When Muslims undertake this work seriously and sincerely, the benefits of this worldly life will come to them automatically as a default and as a byproduct of this work.

If they don’t, God’s punishment would stalk them in all kinds of ways and from all kinds of places and directions.

Hard Times for Muslims

Everyone says these are hard times for Muslims. And they probably are. But the question is: When were times not hard for Muslims?

Read the Qur’an, or read what people call “history,” and you would know the answer to that question.

Nuh, Alaihis Salam! A Pioneer in Islam!

Times were not hard for him? Then what was all that Boat or Arc stuff about?

And all that destruction of the world and wiping of the slate clean and starting life on earth all over again?

Innahum Kanoo Qawuma Sawu-in Fa-Aghraqnaahum Ajma’een.

Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam! Another Islamic Pioneer and Patriarch!

Times were not hard for him? Being thrown in fire? Spending his entire life as a refugee, wandering God’s earth from one place to another?

Then what is it the Muslims in their millions congregate on the Mountains of Arafah and Plains of Mudalifah to celebrate every year if not the hard times endured by the Father of the Islamic Faith on Earth?

And what was it that “his People” were planning and preparing for him, when they decided to either kill him or to burn him alive?

Fa-Maa Kaana Jawaaba Qawumihee Illaa An Qaaloo Uqtuloohu
Awu Harriqoohu!

Times were not hard for Musa, Alaihis Salam? Barely surviving genocide as an infant, tossed in the ocean in a basket as a baby, forced to flee his adopted home in Pharaoh’s Palace in the Land of Egypt?

And begging Allah to save and protect him from the Zaalim People and throw his way whatever little good stuff his mercy would allow?

Rabbi Najjinee Minal Qawumiz Zaalimeen!

Rabbi Innee Limaa Anzalta Ilayya Min Khayrin Faqeer!

Times were not hard for Isa, Alahis Salam? Go ask the Christians about the so-called Passion of Christ and you would know.

Watch a Hollywood movie or two on the subject and you can see the dramatization and recreation of the mythology of pain and suffering allegedly associated with the blessed life of Isa, Alaihis Salam.

All of it for what? Because Isa, Alaihis Salam, or any of these other great Prophets of Allah, Alaihimus Salam, wanted some special rights and privileges for themselves and for their families and “children”?

And times were not hard for Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam?

Forced to flee his home and land and live like a Refugee – Muhaajir – all his blessed life in his adopted land among an adopted people?

What La-La-Land do Muslims inhabit that they do not know or understand these things about their own history and history of Islam, Muslims and the World?

The Muslim Mission on Earth

The one thing Muslims of today by and large do not seem to get is this:

The fight of all these great Prophets of Allah was not about what rights and privileges they could get for themselves, but about how they would be free To Convey the Message of Allah’s Deen to their people – and to the entire world?

That was the reason – the only reason – why their people hated and persecuted them. Not because they demanded wealth or power.

In fact, wealth and power and privileges of all kinds were made available to them in abundant measure if only they will stop preaching the Message of Islam to the People and mind their own worldly business of making a living and feeding their families and “children.”

After the Prophets, it became the responsibility of Muslims, in every age and in every place, to preach the Message of Islam to the People.

If they did, Allah would open the doors of all kinds of blessings for them.

If they did not, Allah would subject them to all kinds of punishment and humiliation – right here in this world.

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