Islam in Small, Complete Doses

Mar 27, 2016

Islam in Small, Complete Doses

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

If There Is a God!

At www.IslamicSolutions.Com, we bring Islam to you in small, complete doses. It is living testimony to the greatness of Islam.

And it is evidence, strong evidence, if evidence was needed, that this Islam could not have come from anywhere but God.

If there is a God, that is, as there most certainly is.

To believe that there is a God is the first step on the path to Islam. In fact, it is the cornerstone of Islamic teachings.

Belief in God is the bedrock, the foundation, on which the entire edifice, the entire superstructure, of Islam is built.

Islam Is Easy and Simple

At least that is what the Qur’an says: Islam is easy!

Hear the Qur’an speak on the subject of how easy Allah’s Deen Islam is.

(1) Here are the words of the Qur’an:

Wa La-Qad Yassarnal Qur’an!


“We have made the Qur’an – and all things associated with and founded in the Qur’an – easy!”

(2) Hear the Qur’an repeat the same words again:

Wa La-Qad Yassarnal Qur’an!


“We have made Qur’an – and all things associated with and founded in Qur’an – easy!”

(3) Hear the Qur’an repeat the same words again – for the third time:

Wa La-Qad Yassarnal Qur’an!


“We have made Qur’an – and all things associated with and founded in Qur’an – easy!”

(4) And now hear the Qur’an repeat the same words again for the fourth time:

Wa La-Qad Yassarnal Qur’an!


“We have made Qur’an – and all things associated with and founded in Qur’an – easy!”

Now, what room is there for any commentary from anyone after this? Just see how clear and direct – and simple – God’s words are.

And see how emphatic and unconditional his assurance is on this account.

If you will not believe God the first time, and if you will not believe God when he repeats his assurance a second, third or even a fourth time, then when and how will you ever get to believe anything after that?

Fa-Bi-Ayyi Hadeethin Ba’adahu Yu’minoon?

Small Doses?

I said small doses, and all you need to do is look. Be sure to bring your own yardstick.

Or use mine if you wish.

Islam is encapsulated in these four words of no more than one syllable each:

Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah!

These four words – syllables if you will – if you know them, and if you understand them, you will realize that all else is nothing but an unfolding of this one small dose of truth: Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah!

Everything else is a whole set of details. A commentary! The entire creation is.

Now can you learn to appreciate what Allah said when he commanded you in the Qur’an:

“Therefore, know that there is no God but Allah!”

Aayat Karimah:

Fa’lam Annahu Laa Ilaaha Illallah!

Islam: Every Single Aspect of Human Life

And the great big superstructure that Islam builds on the foundation of certain most simple truths covers the entire universe, what God Almighty referred to in the very first of Aayat of the Qur’an as “The Worlds,” whatever that means.

In that most amazing expression Al-'Aalameen as in this Aayat Karimah:

Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil 'Aalameen (1:1).


“Every single manner and kind and description of Praise belongs to the maker and master of all the worlds – and to no one else.”

And this great big superstructure of Islam, at the same time, also covers every detail and every minute aspect of human life on earth – both individual and collective: from personal piety and hygiene to intimacy among married couples; from international relations, diplomacy and military affairs to matters of justice, both criminal and civil, domestic as well as global and international; and from wealth management to poverty reduction and disease control.

Simple stuff: It has to, if it is from God – as, mostly assuredly, it is.

The Great Big Universe

Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil 'Aalameen (1:1).

God calls it an Aayat. Aayat means, among other things, a miracle.

Muslims call it a Verse. Verse means poetry. 

Allah says in the Qur’an, Qur’an is not the musings of a poet:

Wa Maa Huwa Bi-Qawuli Shaa-'ir!

But that does not bother the Muslim mercenary mullas, and Muslim little boys and little girls, hankering after fame and wealth and power, utilizing Islam as a tool and Muslims as a business base.

They merrily continue to call the passages of the Qur’an Verses. One fellow even told me what I think was the equivalent of: Simple Stuff! No Big Deal!

Seriously? Contradicting Allah directly is no big deal? Well, what can I say?

Mercenary Mullas?

Those are folks with all kinds of so-called “Islamic” education, who have turned traders of Allah’s Deen. Those are the folks who seek the benefits of Duniya using Allah’s Deen as currency.

I could mention any number of names, if you wish, but do not want distractions right now.

But if you insist, this is what I will do. I will give you just one example – or maybe no more than two examples. But you will have to go and do your own research, your own investigation.

Go research the Director or Rector, or whatever it is that he is called, of the Al-Azhar University.

Go and check out for yourself what role he may, or may not, have played in betraying the First-Ever Democratically Elected Government of Egypt to domestic traitors like General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and their foreign masters, backers, financiers and handlers: both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Let me repeat: both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Another Example

And after that, also check out a fellow called the Grand Mufti of the Land of Egypt. Not the fellow who is occupying that title now, but the one who was before him, his predecessor.

And see for yourself what role he may, or may not, have played in the destruction of that same hundred-percent-pure Democratic Government of the Land of Egypt. A government about which more or less the entire world testified was truly and fully Government of the People of Egypt, by the People of Egypt, and not just for the People of Egypt, but for the People of the Whole World.

And of course all the other little or middle-size names of similar Islamic sellouts and traitors and mullas-for-hire throughout the world, regardless of whether they speak Arabic or English or some other language.

Mercenary Mullas: Nothing New

If you know anything about Islam, and Islamic history, you will know that this phenomenon of Hire-a-Mulla is nothing new.

Muslim Kings always had a retinue of Muslim Mullas handy, some of them highly qualified and capable fellows, whenever convenient, to control and corrupt the minds of the Muslim masses with opportunist Fatwas.

Forget the fact that Muslims were not supposed to have Kings, any more than they could have Priests. Muslim kings often did not hesitate to have Designated Court Mullas – and other favored Mullas – around.

These Mulla mercenaries helped Muslim Kings to consolidate and perpetuate their power over the bodies and minds of Muslim populations, with their “Islamic” knowledge – some of them being highly qualified people – and powers of persuasion.

Except that Muslims somehow knew the game. They seemed to understand what was going on. They generally seemed to have realized who the Good Guys and Bad Guys were among Muslim MullasUlemaa’ or Scholars – of the Day.

As a result, Muslim masses almost instinctively, and almost invariably, flocked to the good and sincere Ulemaa’ or Scholars and rejected out of hand the Bad Guys or the Mercenaries.

Not only that, Islamic history conferred upon Mercenary Mullas the title of Ulemaa’ Soo’, which roughly translates to Bad Scholars or Scholars of Evil.

Muslim Little Girls?

A bit of new breed, quite possibly, even though problem people come in both genders. Read the Qur’an and you will know.

Allah almost taps us on the shoulders as he gives us names and examples of problem women.

One such example in the Qur’an is Imra-atu Nuh: the wife of Nuh, Alayihis Salam.

Another example in the Qur’an is Imra-atu Lut: the wife of Lut, Alayihis Salam.

The Qur’an tells us that these women were associated with two of God’s good people – 'Abdayini Min 'Ibaadinaa Saalihayini: “two of our good slaves.”

And what did they do?

“They acted in bad faith toward their men – both these women.”

Allah’s words:


Being that closely associated with God’s prophets did not keep these two women from acting in bad faith toward their husbands.

It did not prevent them from trying to double-cross their prophet-husbands.

And the fact that their husbands were prophets of God on earth did not keep them from the punishment that followed.

The Qur’an says – my paraphrase:

“They were simply told to join the herd that was headed to hell.”

Words of God Almighty:

Wa Qeelad-Khulan-Naara Ma’ad Daakhileen!

Well, what can you and I say? God said it all. And in the fewest of words.

One Muslim Little Girl – 
with a Mission on Her Mind

I distinctly recall one Muslim Little Girl – quite a while ago, before the dust from the 9-11 bombings had even settled – making a fairly strong pitch for female Khateebs in Jum'ah.

In mosques maybe?

This Muslim Little Girl had lots of years and tons of degrees riding on her.

The main thrust of her thesis seemed to be – to the extent I could understand it at that time – Female Khateebs!

That, she seemed to argue, if I read her right, was the next frontier for Muslim female progress. That is what we all should strive to achieve.

Get women to give Jum'ah Khutbah in mosques.

A Litany of Muslim Issues and Problems

I sat there and I wondered. I said to myself, my heart breaking into a thousand bits:

As if a burning issue for Muslims was not their abysmal lack of education, for men as well as for women.

Or their colossal poverty, not only for Muslim men but also, and much more severely, for Muslim women!

Or the fact that practically all of the Muslim World was being ground to dust by the brutal heels of one dictator or another, military or civilian or royal.

Or the fact that Muslim wealth everywhere was being plundered and carted off by anyone who had the means to scoop and carry it.

Or the fact that Muslims everywhere, male as well as female, adults as well as children, were being denied their most elementary human rights.

Or the fact that Muslims around the world were being swatted down like flies by anyone with the means and ability to do so.

Or the fact that everyone everywhere was making a career badmouthing Muslims and everything Islam.

Or that, as a consequence of brazen and pervasive anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda, generation after generation of Muslims was growing up deeply distressed psychologically and disenfranchised and disempowered socially, politically and economically.

Or the fact that, in their ignorance and backwardness, Muslims in all too many parts of the world prevent Muslim women from attending prayers in mosques.

Or the fact that even in places like the United States, where Muslim females are allowed entry into mosques for prayers, the female section is always shamefully substandard.

No, none of that seemed to matter to this Muslim Little Girl of a lot of age and lot of education. What seemed to matter to her was:

Time to Bring On the Female Khateebs.

Reforming and Improving Islam

Could this have been an error in judgment? Was this a case of mistaken Ijtihad – erroneous scholarship?


But when that happens, when people make honest mistakes, they are supposed to follow that up, in the quickest possible moment, with clarification and contrition if not actual retraction and repentance.

When that does not happen, the suspicion gains credence that there is more to these things than meets the eye.

That these things, as they proliferate everywhere, could be part of the Devil’s Master Plan, that Allah talks about in the Qur’an, to sow seeds of doubt and create confusion about Islam in the minds of Muslims – and the rest of the world.

Of course, many other Muslim Little Girls of similar painted stripes came and went. Who has the time to chronicle their shenanigans and machinations?

They all, it seemed, wanted to reform and improve Islam – somehow.

Not just fix what is seemingly wrong with Muslims – and God knows Muslims can use every bit of help on that count, both Muslim males and females – but change Islam itself.

That is what they wanted to do: Change Islam!

And reform and improve Islam.

And that is what gives them away.

Our response: Let the Devil attend to his own flock.

Hasbunallahu wa Ni’amal Wakeel!

Meaning when God Almighty is not able to protect and safeguard his Deen of Islam, that he sent into this world to help humanity, then we will worry about it.

Not before that.

All of Life on Earth

And at the same time, Islam also covers every single aspect of human life right here on earth. No matter how big or small it may be.

After all, Islam is that Set of Detailed Instructions on how to live our life on earth that God Almighty promised us on our last day in Jannah: Paradise.

He said:

Fa-Immaa Ya’tiyannkum Minnee Hudan.


You are likely to receive from me a full set of instructions – on how to live your life on earth.

And then he said what I am paraphrasing here in my own words:

“You follow those instructions and you will be fine.”

Aayah Karimah:

Faman Tabi’a Hudaa-ya, 
Falaa Khawufun Alayihim,
Wa Laa Hum Yahzanoon

And then God also warned:

“Should you, however, ignore, reject or fight my instructions, you are going to burn in hell forever.”


Walladheena Kafaroo wa Kadh-dhaboo Bi-Aayaatinaa,
Ulaa-i-ka As-haabun Naari,
Hum Feehaa Khaalidoon.

That Is What Islam Is: One More Time!

So, that is what Islam is – in most chewable, digestible little bites and in tiny little doses. And yet, each little dose of it is a complete book, a full library, a whole universe in itself.

That is why each Aayat of the Qur’an is called a miracle: it is called an Aayah.

And each Aayat is part of the set of instructions that God sent into the world to help us human beings live a good life right here on earth, and then navigate back our way to God’s presence, and to our lost home in Jannah: Paradise.

Allah called that Set of Instructions, that he said he will send, Huda!

And this HudaGod’s Blueprint for Human Life on Earth – is as complete and as detailed as it can possibly be. And it does not leave a single aspect of life untouched or uncovered.

And it has to be if it is indeed from God, as it most certainly is.

People mostly translate that expression Huda in the Qur’an as Guidance. Like all else in Qur’an’s English translations, this word Guidance too is part of the Muslim People’s Colonial Legacy.

I am not saying that this particular word – “Guidance” – when used for the Divine ExpressionHuda” in the Qur’an is good or bad. All I am saying is that it is all part of the Judeo-Christian theological imprint that one sees in practically all or most pages of the English translations of the Qur’an Karim.

Thus, on the one hand, Islam covers the most distant galaxies. On the other hand, Islam also covers the minutest detail of our everyday living: individual as well as collective.

And this is most logical and self-evident. If, once again, arguing or assuming that Islam indeed is from God, as it most certainly is. For, God is the God of All the Worlds – from the far off stars to the nearest bacterium and virus in our own body.

Now, thanks to the super telescope Hubble and its cousins, we have some rough ideas what some of those many worlds could be that Allah starts out the Qur’an with.

If Hubble and other similar devices bring to us the distant giants in our neighborly universe – all the planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, black holes and what not – super microscopes throw open to our immediate gaze the myriad microcosms that populate our immediate environment, and that in large part are inseparable partners in our daily life.

Thanks to the knowledge Allah gave human beings, we now can have direct visuals on the Worlds of Allah: Al-Aalameen – from the largest and the most distant to the nearest and minutest.

So, welcome to the small doses of Islam! Who needs a larger dose?


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