Islam vs. Anti-Islam: A Model You Can Use

Feb 23, 2014

Islam vs. Anti-Islam: A Model You Can Use

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Islam is Truth. Qur’an calls it Haqq.              

And Truth is from God: Al-Haqqu Min Rabbik, says the Qur’an.

The purpose of Islam is to connect the Creation on earth with the Creator, who is in Heaven.

And “To Establish Justice” – a phrase I am borrowing from the American Constitution – right here on earth.

Qur’an calls it Qist.

And it calls it ‘Adl.

Justice, mind you, not just for yourself, not just for this or that group, but for All of God’s Creation on earth – Muslim and non-Muslim, human and non-human.

If the goal of Islam is Justice for All, the methodology of Islam is Truth in All Things.

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth” is the core of the Islamic Methodology for the Establishment of Justice on Earth.

For, a lofty and noble purpose like Universal Justice cannot be achieved by any other means.

For, trying to establish Justice, just for this or that group, as opposed to everyone everywhere, and trying to do so using a methodology of coercion, force, intimidation, blackmail, deception, enticement, entrapment, manipulation and lies, will not only be a wasted effort, it will actually be counterproductive.

For, it will be the Greatest Injustice of All: against God as well as against God’s Creation.

The Qur’an calls it Zulm.

There really is no good cognate – let us call it equivalent – for Zulm in the entire English language.

But an approximate meaning could run something like this:

The expression Zulm in the Qur’an, and in Islam in general, stands for the worst and the most egregious and terrible injustice and wrong and harm and atrocity that one can inflict on others.

This is the way of Anti-Islam: Zulm – creating as a wide an arc as possible of the worst kind of injustices, atrocities and wrongs against all kinds of vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals, groups, nations, peoples and societies.

And the prized and most well-rehearsed methodology of Anti-Islam is, as it must be, for nothing else will work, Falsehood.

The Qur’an calls it Batil.

Just the way Justice and Truth go hand in hand, so also Zulm and Batil are twin souls. The twain, in either case, can never be sundered apart.

That means you cannot pursue your penchant for injustice and corruption, and you cannot be an agent and instigator of Mischief on Earth, without resorting to all kinds of lies, manipulation and deception as your choice tools of trade.

The Qur’an calls it Fasaad Fil Ard.

What I have done here is to outline, as clearly as I could, a model for “What Is What.”

It is now your job to use this barometer – and this model – to figure out the answer to the other question of “Who Is Who.”

In every age and in every place: from Pharaoh in earlier times to Would-be Pharaohs thereafter.


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