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Jan 11, 2017

At IslamicSolutions.Com, we are about Islam, not about technology. Even though our motto in anything and everything that we do remains: You Touch It, You Nail It.

And for us, with regard to anything and everything we handle: Best Or Nothing.

That is not because we are so good. It is because that to us is basic, elementary Islam. 

For us, Islam is not a home for losers; and it is not a hideout for second-raters and also-rans.

To us, it is self-evident that if Islam is good enough to be called Allah’s Deen, it is good enough to be considered the Best.

Innad Deena Indallahil Islam.

But still, at IslamicSolutions.Com, technology is neither our focus nor our priority. Nor is it a matter of pride or joy for us.

Islam is.

We would rather be wrong and deficient a million times on questions of technology than be wrong one single time about the Deen of Allah.

The one who created the Seven Heavens without a single crack or rupture or imperfection in them:

Maa Taraa Fee Khalqir Ramaani Min Tafaawut.
Farji-il Basara!
Hal Taraa Min Futoor?

So, when it comes to anything pertaining to the world, we are always guided by the canon that nothing less than the Best of the Best is acceptable to us — no matter how often and how blatantly we may fall short of that ideal, while making our best efforts to reach and breach it.

But when it comes to Allah’s Deen, whatever it is and however you define and measure it, even the minutest deviation, departure, shortcoming, distortion or misrepresentation is not acceptable to us.

And it is our firm belief, and our most fervent hope and prayer, that anything we say on IslamicSolutions.Com is Islam and nothing but Islam. 

For, that is the goal that we have committed ourselves to.

That is part of the reason why take the precautions we do, and exercise the care and caution we exercise, when it comes to adding anything to or omitting anything from it.

Including colors and pictures and font sizes and punctuation marks — and all else.


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