Why and What? [Quote – 751]

Nov 9, 2016

Our website — I wish we could call it Allah’s website — is what it is. I am referring to

There are a million ways of looking at it. But we look at it in one simple way. Every single word in that website is Haqq — truth and nothing but the truth.

And there is another way as well. And that is, not just the facts or the data, but also the motivation behind every word in that website is also Haqq — truth and nothing but the truth. 

Which in this case becomes “For Allah,” and for no other reason, small or big.

Once this is clear in the minds of all concerned, it is no rocket science to figure out that our content trumps our form and style — and appearance — every time.

And that means, once certain barest minimum requirements of technology and form and appearance are met, our focus should entirely and always be on content.

On the “Islam” inside the pages and behind the technology of our website.

On learning it ourselves and teaching it to the rest of the world.

For, that is what we are after in this world: to teach ourselves, and to teach the rest of the world, Islam. And that is what we hope our website IslamicSolutions.Com is and becomes.

The world has all kinds of other great places to get its technology fix from. But it is Islam that we are most worried about.


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