It Is His World!
He Runs It the Way He Wants! [Quote – 731]

Sep 29, 2016

Everyone in this world — and Muslims in particular — will do well to remember that this is Allah’s world in which they live. 

And that means, in this world, things will always be done — they will happen — the way the owner and master of the world(S) — Rabbul ‘Aalameen — wants them to happen.

It is all as simple as that!

Aayat Karimah:

Innallaha Yaf-‘alu Maa Yashaa’


“Surely, Allah does what he wants!
Not a doubt about that.”

Aayat Karimah:

Laa Yus-alu ‘Ammaa Yaf-‘al,
Wa Hum Yus-aloon.


No one questions him about what he does.
But they shall be questioned!”

If the Qur’an contained nothing but these two aayaats, that would have been sufficient for me — forever and ever!


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