It Is Not about Jannat, But It Is about Duniya, Right Here in This World!

May 2, 2024

It Is Not about Jannat, But It Is about Duniya,
Right Here in This World!

Dr. Pasha
Assalamu Alaikum,
I do not know why I am writing. But what else can I do? 
Muslims in mosques -- Good Muslims that is -- are hard at negotiating the quickest and easiest passage to Jannat. 
They are measuring the drapes and ordering the furniture. 
But the world of Allah, which was put in their care, is burning all around them.
Their Hired-Gun Mullahs preach to them from the pulpit that Duniya is a bad place and they should block it out of their mind and close their eyes to what is going on around them: Whether it is in Palestine or Kashmir or right here in America.
They pop all kinds of placebos thinking they will somehow cure them. 
Many of these Good Muslims are highly educated people. In all kinds of things. But Common Sense and Simple Logic are not subjects they have studied.
To them, when it comes to something called Islam, one plus one makes any number you pick out of a hat: 4, or 7 or 500.
How do we address these issues? Where do we go from here?
Or as Iqbal asked long time ago: Pas Chi Baayad Kard?
People talk about Mir Ja'afar and Mir Sadiq as the great traitors who betrayed their Muslim kings and sold India out to the British. 
But has anyone -- any one of these Modern Super Muslims with Jannat-Fixation -- have ever sat down and drawn out a list of other traitors in Muslim History -- from ancient times to today?
Today, virtually every Muslim society is ruled by a dictator, be it Military, or be it Civilian. Ordinary people live under the most brutal tyranny. But do these Super-Holy Muslims give a Blank?
Does a single one of them ever speak up, even in a more or less free environment like America?
Yes, they pray a lot; they fast a lot; and the rich ones among them dash off to do an extra Umra a lot. But my submission to you is: if you run into them, read them the Qur'an: Surah Aal Imraan, Aayat 21, 22. And do so, not just once, but several times.
And read them the Hadith Qudsi which quotes Allah as telling the angel -- if I recall the words of the Hadith correctly: Wa Bihi Fabda'. Lam Yatama'ar Wajhuhu Li-Saa'atin Qattu.
Broad content of that Hadith: Go, first turn the earth upside down on that Super-Good, Duper-Pious individual. Begin the destruction of the world with him. Make him your first target.
The man who prays and fasts so much and does all these wonderful things.
Because not for a moment did he care about what was happening around him in society. Not for a moment did the color of his face change in anger and disgust, seeing and hearing about all the most terrible things that are going on all around him in society and the world.
Those of you who have the ability to do so, feel free to post this to any Internet Portal you may have access to, such as IslamicSolutions.Com or something else.
But that would mean we do give a Blank, right?
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