It Is Not You But Allah! [Quote – 1028]

Jul 2, 2020

Those of us who think we are Working for Allah, While we should do all in our power to move our work forward, and while we should all continually examine and re-examine our performance, and our motivation, and our dedication, let us not lose sight of one single most fundamental fact in life: 

Things Happen as, and When and How, and Where, and at the Pace Allah wants them to happen, and not the way or at the speed we wish or expect or plan for them to happen.”

That is because this world is made, owned and operated by Allah, and no one else has a share or role in it.

Therefore, all we need to do is to get our bearings right from the outset, continually retool and reinvent and recommit ourselves as we go forward, and keep checking the odometer every few seconds to make sure we are on course and going at the right speed.

This is part of the requirement of Renewing our Iman every so often.

And Iman by its very nature fluctuates. At times, the barometer reads high; and at other times, it dips down. And there are occasions when it registers precariously low.

There have been occasions when great Sahaabah Kiram, like Abu Bakr and Huzaifah, Radiyallahu Anhuma, started to wonder if they had become Munafiq.


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