It Was Not the Butler, 
But People with Muslim Names that Did It! [Quote – 1058]

Aug 24, 2020

What dismantled, undid and destroyed the Political, Social and Economic Fabric and Infrastructure of the Muslim Ummah, beginning with the 20th Century?

Not the Butler as an Agatha Christie Spy Story would say, but people of the So-called Middle East with Muslim names and postures and pretensions.

It was, more than anything else, the role played by the So-Called Gulf and Hashimite and Other Arabs in the destruction of the Uthmani Khilafat that the West and World Media call Ottoman Caliphate.

These mostly Bedouin Arabs joined hands with British and French Colonial Powers, and allowed themselves to be seduced, fooled and misled by Western Intelligence Agencies and Officers, to stab their Muslim Uthmani Rulers -- Ottomans -- in the back.

It was World War I and these Arabs actively helped the British and the French to defeat Ottoman Turkey and thus made it possible for England and France to win War War I.

With the Arab-enabled, Arab-aided and Arab-abetted destruction of the Ottoman State, England and France unleashed on a fragmented, leaderless and rudderless Muslim Ummah some of the worst atrocities imaginable.

They created the state of Israel and laid the groundwork for the destruction of the Palestinian People.

That also set the stage for the unbridled plundering by England, France and America of the most valuable natural resources Allah had given the Muslim Ummah in the form of Oil and Natural Gas.

The Muslim Oil that ran the World for the next 100 years, and that ended up being the life-blood of Western Civilization, also forged the chains that imprisoned the Muslim Ummah for the foreseeable future.

The role the Gulf and other Arabs played in the destruction of the Uthmani Khilafat also provided the political, military, economic and media framework for the Great Big Cultural Genocide that was perpetrated on the Turkish People for close to a century by Mustafa Kamal and his Military successors.

And for the subsequent destruction, dismemberment and enslavement of nearly all the Muslim states and societies of what is called the Middle East. 

From Arabia to Libya, from Egypt to Mali and Iraq and Syria and all kinds of other places.

And some of the same culprits, holding the stage today, are also doing a Redux and Replay of all the vile things that they did to Islam and Muslims a hundred years ago.

And none the wiser!

So, thanks to them, it is open season on the Muslim Ummat in any form, shape or place.

These Arabs opened the floodgates of the destruction of Muslims globally. And those gates haven't closed since then. 


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