Ivanka and Pence Have a Right to Be:
You Know, That May Be Islam?

Dec 25, 2016

Ivanka and Pence Have a Right to Be:
You Know, That May Be Islam?

Dr. Pasha

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Islam is about freedom to be. So long as what you do is lawful, permissible, and, if you are a Muslim, Halal by Consensus.

Consensus Halal? By that I mean things that everybody agrees are not forbidden by Islam. No room for individual aberrations.

And that also, precisely, is what it means to be an American — minus the Halal Angle of course. Because Halal-Haram constraints apply only to Muslims and not to non-Muslims.

And do so in relative peace and tranquility. Be yourself I mean.

And that means the guarantee of peace, safety and emotional security, whether it is Islam or American Way you are talking about, must be iron-clad and universal even if your name is Pence and Trump, as in Mike Pence, Vice-President Elect, and Ivanka Trump, First Daughter Designate.

It was this imperative of absolute justice, and unconditional human rights, for friend and foe alike, Wa Lawu Alaa Anfusikum as the Qur’an puts it, that made Islam a household name, and made Islam’s appeal irresistible to all and sundry, within a very short period of time after Islam first made its appearance in Makkah in early Seventh Century.

Now, let us translate all this in plain English. 

Vice-President Elect, Mike Pence, has every right to attend a Broadway show, without the appearance of being set upon, ambushed, lectured, hectored and harassed by anyone, least of all the cast of the play that he took his family to see.

Especially, when he is trying to be a good father and taking his kids to the play — Hamilton — the hottest musical spectacle that has been a catnip for much of America’s celebrated theater-going public, with tickets selling for more than $2000 according to some reports.

That caveat, of course, has to be balanced against the absolute, categorical and inalienable right the citizenry of a free and civilized society has, and must, to petition and accost a public official, peaceably of course, for the redress of a perceived grievance where and when it pleases.

And the children, in those challenging situations, live, learn and grow up to be leaders in their own right, tested by fire along the way, every now and then.

But for an American female, with three little kids, and one grown husband in tow, boarding a commercial flight, and being set upon and harassed by a total stranger, right in front of her little kids, for no fault of hers or theirs others than bearing the last name Trump, and being the offspring of a man by the same name, elected decisively and historically to be the next president of the United States? 

That is beyond outrageous. 

It is simply low-life behavior of the kind that has no place in Islam or in our American society.

It is vile, disgusting and despicable beyond compare. 

The fact that both Mr. Pence and Ms. Trump conducted themselves with rare poise and grace under pressure is beside the point. Even though it speaks volumes for their self-control and social and political maturity, if not actually to their value system.

Pence, however, stopped, listened to his verbal assailants, and noted that they were within their rights to do what they did.

Trump appeared completely unflappable, unruffled and uninvolved.

It is part of our overall national security concern that American skies remain one-hundred-percent safe and trouble-free for all passengers: physically; morally; emotionally.

And that includes males and females with such names as Pence and Trump.

And even if one is Vice-President Elect. And the other daughter to President Elect.


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