Iyaadat Long Distance [Quote – 1071]

Dec 3, 2020

In the year 2020, Allah has scattered Muslims all over the globe. On all the different continents, whatever their number.

So, how do we do Iyaadat long distance then? Across continents and countries, or even within the same region or area?

Well, the first thing to know is to realize that there is no getting away from the Fareedah (Duty) of Iyadat, no matter how many continents or oceans or miles separate one Muslim from another.

The bottom line, as they say, is this: 

When a Muslim finds out that another Muslim is sick somewhere then it becomes your duty to try and reach out to that Muslim who is ill, no matter how far he is.

Question is how? 

Supposing a Muslim is sick in London, or Paris or Karachi, and you are in Chicago and you find out about it, are you supposed to take a ship, and cross the Atlantic, to go and visit this sick Muslim 5000 miles away?

Answer is No. Not that way. You don't need to rush to buy or rent a ship.

But, at the same time, there are other ways to carry out Iyaadat long distance. Today, we live in the Age of Media Abundance, from telephones to social media, to the Internet in all forms.

Those are the channels you must press into service to do your long-distance Iyaadat Duty.

Send an e-mail, and keep sending them, without making a nuisance of yourself. Don't say: "Hope all is well." Say: "I heard you are not well, I am calling to find out how you are doing now?"

Use all the social media that you use to get that done.

Make a phone call, or two or 10. Again, without going overboard.

And keep doing it -- remember this: Keep Doing It! -- till the All Clear is sounded, and the patient assures you he is well now, and no, he does not need anything, but thank you for calling and for keeping up and for offering to help. And for all the emails. Allah bless you -- and all that.

So, there people! This is a lesson to learn and re-learn and then go about teaching every Muslim everywhere in this new Muslim wilderness that Allah has imposed upon us. 

A moral, cultural, spiritual wilderness in which we have lost our bearings and our moorings and our direction and our outlook on some of the most basic requirements of Islamic culture and practice.

Basic Islam that is.

So, don't forget about Long-Distance Iyaadat. 

It is Fard.


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