Keeping Allah's Light Burning [Quote - 941]

Jan 31, 2019

May Allah Almighty shower his blessings on all those who play a role in keeping this candle of the Qur'an burning. 

If you want, call it the Light of Allah.

For, that is what the Qur'an is: Allah's Noor!

God Almighty's Light!

Here, listen to the Qur'an:

Fa-Aaminoo Billahi wa Rasoolihi
Wan Noorilladhi Anzalnaa!


So, Believe in Allah,
And in his Rasul,
And in the Noor that we sent down.

Allahu Akbar, how clear this Qur'an is!

I am not saying great and beautiful. And it is all that and more.

I am saying: Clear!

"Clarity" of idea, argument and diction is among the greatest miracles of the Qur'an that even a blind person can see.

So, helping in any form or fashion, and to any degree, to keep this Qur'an Reading and Khatm business going is nothing short of keeping the Light of Allah burning on this earth; in our lives; and in our environment, wherever we maybe -- Not that Allah needs our help, or anyone else's help, in keeping his Light burning.

So, people, everyone of you, ask yourself where you are in this business of dealing with the Qur'an.


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