Khandaq in Egypt: Where Do You Stand?

Aug 4, 2013

Khandaq was the most agonizing and decisive battle that was forced upon Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, by the enemies of Truth, Freedom and Justice – the enemies of God and Islam.

And it came upon the heels of the battles of Badr first and Uhud second.

In that battle (Khandaq) surrounding nations and tribes of the day mobilized together and invaded the Muslims at Madinah from all directions and forced them to dig a trench (Khandaq) and take shelter behind it.

And that is precisely what is happening in embattled Egypt today where the lovers of Freedom and Democracy are waging a life-or-death struggle with the Forces of Tyranny – with the Devil and his disciples in the Egyptian military.

Allah took the lovers of Freedom and Democracy in Egypt – the Muslims – to the stage of the Battle of Khandaq under the leadership of President Morsi, whom the Criminal Military Junta headed by the arch-criminal Sisi has kidnapped and is holding captive in an undisclosed location, from the stage of Badr to the stage of Uhud.

And now God has brought these heroic and selfless lovers of Freedom and Democracy in Egypt to the stage of Khandaq.

That divides the rest of us ordinary mortals around the world into two groups:

(A) Those who are on the side of the Criminal Military Junta in Egypt and cheer for them and support them.

(B) Those who are on the side of the beleaguered Lovers of Freedom and Democracy in Egypt – the Muslims – who in their millions upon millions are facing brutal military and police bullets with their bare chests, and feel their pain, and support them and cheer for them.

There is no Group Three in this battle of Truth vs. Falsehood; Freedom vs. Slavery; Democracy vs. Tyranny; Justice vs. Injustice; God vs. the Devil.

Unless you count those who claim they are with Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy, but in reality their hearts, minds and treasures are with the criminal coup d’état and the Criminal Military Junta of Sisi in Egypt.

Therefore, for people around the world today, these are the two options to choose from. There really isn’t a third option available to them.

That means today we all face the most critical choice of our life: Whether we are on the side of God and Freedom and Democracy or on the side of the Devil and Slavery and Tyranny.

The Azhar Shaikh Dr. Ahmad Tayyib decided to go with the Devil to kill Democracy and Freedom in Egypt and to give his blessings to the massacre of unarmed Egyptian men, women and children by military and police assassins.

And so did the corrupt rulers of the Persian Gulf countries and other corrupt Muslim and non-Muslim rulers and elite elsewhere.

They all decided to go with the Devil and fight Democracy and Freedom and God in Egypt.

The simple question we all must face is this: What is our choice right now – Democracy, Freedom and God or Tyranny, Slavery and the Devil?

The corrupt Azhar Shaikh and the corrupt Gulf rulers made their choice to go with the Devil.

What is our choice?


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