La La Land! [Quote – 797]

Mar 23, 2017

La La Land! No, I am not talking about a Hollywood movie by that name, I am talking about Muslim Reality by any name.

Muslim societies are a sight to behold. Their governments are dictatorships — Royal, Military, Civilian — appointed or controlled by Foreign Colonial Masters. And their masses are in a state of perpetual torpor: drugged and numb.

Some are drugged by their so-called Religion, controlled and managed by Mercenary Mullahs. Some are slaves to their passions — base desires, as some people call them. Some enslaved by their own whims and fancies — Hawaa as the Qur’an calls these things.

Islam is generally a stranger in their midst. 

And those others who wake up, learn their Islam, work to change themselves and their societies to fit the mold of Islam, are set upon and beaten and killed by the same Foreign Colonial Masters who control and manage their governments. 

In most cases, the goal of beating up the real good and God-fearing Muslims is achieved by these Foreign Colonial Masters using the very same dictators — Royal, Military, Civilian — and their coteries in Muslim countries whom they appoint and pay and control.

Now you can ask if there was a reason why Allah says at the very outset in the Qur’an: Wa Bil Aakhirati Hum Yooqinoon?

Of course Allah has a reason for everything he says and does. 

Does it mean you simply cannot be a Muslim in this world — or even a really good man or woman for that matter — without the firm belief that this world cannot be the be-all and end-all of everything, and there is a next life, after this life, in which God will administer direct and personal justice, punishing the wicked and rewarding the good and decent people?


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