Learn from Islam or Learn from the Best of Corporate Culture [Quote - 461]

Aug 13, 2013

Some people may not like what I am about to say, but say it I must. For, Islam is saying the right thing, no matter how the dice roll, as gamblers will say, a practice severely denounced by Islam.

Why don’t you check out the Aayat: Idh Yulqwoona Aqwlaamahum Ayyuhum Yakfulu Maryam.

Don’t ask me what the connection is or what it means. Figure all that out for yourself.

So, what I wish to say is this:

As Muslims – my eternal friends of course, as they and I go back a long way – embark upon the grueling task of recreating their decadent or losing cultures into winning ones, they must learn the new ways from one of two places: Islam or the best of Corporate Culture.

In some ways, in the end, they are both the same, incredible as this may sound.

But if Muslims will not learn from the one or the other, then they will happily, or most likely unhappily, continue their wallowing in the losing ways of decadence and degeneracy.

The big difference is, learning the winning ways of a new culture directly from Islam comes with all kinds of blessings attached to it.

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