Lending a Hand [Quote – 1084]

Islam is, as they say, all about Lending a Hand.

We Good Muslims tend to load up all kinds of responsibilities on those stray individuals among us who come forward to shoulder them: In the name of Islam or Allah or whatever.

And after that we ignore them, forget about them, and leave them to their fate.

Whereas what is needed is for each and everyone of us to step up to the plate and lend a helping hand.

Offer help. Ask how you can help.

And if they have no requests to make of you, offer ideas and suggestions by saying: Can I do this for you, or that, or something else.

Don’t give them Marching Orders telling them: Do This! and Do That! 

But ask them: Can I do this to help you or Can I do that?

And if it will help motivate you, or give you the incentive, let me mention a Hadith that comes to mind:

Wallahu Fee Awunil Abdi,
Maa Kaanal Abdu Fee Awuni Akheehi!

Since you all, now, know Arabic LanguageMashallah, which is the Language of Allah and his Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, figure out what that Hadith Sharif means: One word at a time.

Using nothing but a dictionary.

And you all lend me a hand when you carefully proofread what I write. Even after it has been posted on IslamicSolutions.Com.

It is a great way of helping me out. Lending me a shoulder.

That way, you ease my burdens. And bring relief and comfort.

And maybe that way Allah will ease the burdens in your life. As that Hadith Sharif seems to suggest.

Wallahu Fee Awunil Abdi,
Maa Kaanal Abdu Fee Awuni Akheehi!