Letter to a Convert

Mar 25, 2019


Letter to a Convert

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Your email was forwarded to me. Forgive me if this occurred without your knowledge and consent. And I have now taken the liberty of writing to you without your permission. For, Islam is nothing if not consent with awareness, knowledge and information.

It is the travel from darkness to light -- in every way and in every sense.

Minaz-Zulumaati Ilan-Noor!

"From all the darknesses that surround us to Light."

Our Website www.IslamicSolutions.Com was designed primarily to bring the basic ideas of Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims born or living in Europe, United States and Canada. And of course to all others everywhere. 

Both in terms of content and in terms of the language and style of communication and presentation.

I am saying "basic" because that is where the fundamental break is with Islam: all too many non-Muslims as well as Muslims seem to have no clear understanding of what Islam is; what it stands for; how to practice and live it; and how to work for it. 

So, Islam becomes a free for all at every level. Every Blind trying to lead the other Blinds into the ditch in which we find ourselves today. The problem with this is that when Muslims "Mess Up," as the saying goes, the whole world pays a price for it. 

As you can see from all that is happening everywhere.

That is because God Almighty appointed Muslims as the guardians and custodians of this world. And that means, as the Muslims will be, and as the Muslims will choose to act, so shall the world of Allah be.

So Islam, you see, is not a Cult. Nor is it a "Man-Made Religion," as everything else in the world seems to be. Islam is not "Man-Made" to begin with. Nothing about Islam is "Man-Made." Everything in and about Islam is directly from God. 

Or from the Messenger of God, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, which basically comes down to the same thing.

Islam is:

(a) A set of simple and clear beliefs and practices. 

(b) And Islam is the vast responsibility to strive constantly to make sure that everything in this world is the best it can be.

When Muslims abandoned the second part of their mandate from God, the world went into a tailspin -- morally, spiritually, materially, and in every other sense.

So, it now becomes the responsibility of every Aspirant to Islam to rediscover that mission in life, both individually and collectively. As it always was. From the time Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, first preached this latest and most complete version of Islam in Makkah close to a millennium and a half ago.

This should make every Claimant to Islam a "Convert," as they say, regardless of whether or not one's parents and grandparents were also Muslim. I vehemently reject the expression "Revert" as a perversion of the English language. 

And I am not sure the logic and theory behind that linguistic, cultural and auditory abomination, "Revert," should there be any, is not reflective of Cult Behavior and an ego-trip for some. I wish I could write a more detailed analysis of it, but I am afraid my time and resources will not permit it .

So, Being a Convert is what Islam is all about. It is the process of tireless research and investigation leading to a discovery of answers to questions that puzzled and tormented you forever. 

And then, having discovered those answers, of finding the Courage and Integrity to accept and embrace those answers. 

And launching a brand new adventure in life, of trying to practice and live up to those answers, and to the beliefs and behaviors that result from them.

So, it is fair to say that there is really no Islam for anyone anywhere unless and until the individual has gone through a systematic and unmistakable process of "Conversion," resulting in the necessary and appropriate internal and external metamorphosis. 

Islam began and continued with people "Converting" to Islam. Every Noble Companion of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was a "Convert." 

When generations passed and Muslims abandoned the Process of Conversion, for themselves as well as for others, basically cruising, coasting and running on auto-pilot as it were, both Muslims and the world went into the Downward Spiral in which we see them both today.

I started to do my writing and speaking primarily to address the dire situation in which the world was. And the Muslims were. And to underscore the intertwining correlation between the two: Life and Behavior of the Muslims, on the one hand, and the Fate and Destiny of the World, on the other hand.

And some of those writings and speeches eventually became IslamicSolutions.Com. 

So, whatever efforts towards Islam you are spearheading, I suggest you and your group familiarize yourselves with IslamicSolutions.Com and stay in close and constant touch with it.


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