Life of Taqwa: A Responsibility and A Joy [Quote - 634]

Dec 10, 2015

Let us say Taqwa is the name Islam gives to how much you love and fear God. 

And how mindful you are of his presence every moment and with regard to every aspect of your life.

That means if you have Taqwa, you love and fear God all the time. And you are mindful of his presence all the time and with regard to everything you do. 

For such people, life becomes both a joy and a responsibility. 

Life becomes a keenly felt responsibility, because you want to do everything right -- as right as you can possibly make it.

Life also becomes a joy because you are, at the same time, keenly aware of the power, presence, love, mercy and support of God every moment of your life, and with regard to every thing you do in life.


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