Literature Distribution and Engaging People [Quote – 846]

Aug 5, 2017

Good Muslims hand out flyers and books to people. It is a great thing in itself. But it may not be enough.

Muslims — let me say “generally” — do not read. They are not — by and large — a reading people.

Most act as if the Divine Commandment Read!” does not apply to them.

And it seems to me the more “religious” they are, the worse offenders they are in this regard: in reading that is. They do not read.

Some Muslims take the free books you give them and hand them to their littlest children to play with. That is who the Muslims are. Your people.

As for flyers, here is what practically everybody does with them, Muslim or non-Muslim. Instinctively, everybody more or less folds the fliers and stuffs them in their back pocket — or in their shirt pocket maybe. Never to be brought to meet daylight again.

Some of them are a bit more practical and decisive. They drop your fliers in the nearest waste basket. Voila! So much for doing the Work of Allah!

And this is not just “Islamic” flyers. This is almost one of the general rules of human nature. Or human behavior, if you want.

So, what to do?

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Become a Daa’ii: the one who is on a mission to identify, invite and recruit people to Allah and to Allah’s Work. And not just someone who hands out stuff to people mechanically. 

Have the fire in your heart. And then set every heart you meet on fire: with your love; with your knowledge; with your enthusiasm; and with your overwhelming sincerity!

Show people you care. And you do so truly and genuinely.


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