Make Islam Number One in Your Life [Quote – 452]

Jun 29, 2013

To those who say or think they are Working for Allah, here is a simple advice, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan: Make Islam – and the Qur’an and your Working for Allah – the most important priority in your life. 

And build all other aspects of your life around this central concern.

If you do that, Allah’s mercy will envelop you from every side and Allah will grant you success in this world as well in the next world.

On the other hand, if you treat Islam – and the Qur’an and working for Allah – as a peripheral or secondary issue, Allah will also push you aside to the margins – of Time and Space and Life.

To the ends of Al-‘Aalameen, as the Qur’an calls it.

That way, you will end up being an “Also Ran” in the race for life and success. This will be the exact opposite of why you pushed Islam – and the Qur’an and Working for Allah – to a secondary role in your life.


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