Making America Greater and Better – and More Perfect:
That Is What I Do!
And That Is What Every Muslim Must Do!

May 16, 2017

I know, maybe, more about these things than most people. And, maybe, even care about them more than most people. And they are all very, very personal to me. As if it was and is my history and my own life.

And it was and it is.

For, I am a Muslim. And as a Muslim that is my faith, as you would call it. And that is also my history.

To this day, the Qur’an thunders those words for all to hear. And they never stop ringing in my ears!

Khalaqakum Min Nafsin Waahidatin (7:189)

Humanity, one family? All of us children of one parentage? What a beautiful concept!

And how America struggled with that simple equation for the longest time!

No, I am neither unaware, nor oblivious, nor indifferent to these and to many other similar things. But my problem is deeper.

My problem is that both the slaves and slave owners are my people. They are all my brothers and sisters.

Just like every single “Native American” and, also, every single White settler and Colonist is!

And my challenge is – and it is a challenge that is imposed upon me by my Islam and by my basic humanity – to make every single male and female American see this fundamental human equation of the Qur’an – and to embrace it: That we are all members of the same common human family and our common “religion,” given to us by God through all his prophets, God Bless Them All, is Justice and Liberty for All!

For, that is our way, that is America’s way, and that is the way of the entire world, and that is God’s own chosen way, to a “More Perfect Union,” not only for America but for the entire world.

And that is what I have – from Day One – dedicated and consecrated my life to achieve. No matter in how small and insignificant a measure, being the kind of Be-Nothing and Know-Nothing that I am.

Fa-Lillahil Hamdu Rabbis-Ssaamaawaati wa Rabbil Ardi Rabbil Aalameen!


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