Making the Voice of the Qur’an Reach the Ends of the Earth [Quote – 1018]

If our voice, carrying the Message of Islam and the Qur’an, could reach the ends of the earth, we should take it there. 

We should live for it and die doing it.

Islam is the system from Rabbul Alameen. To run the affairs of Al-Aalameen — all the worlds — including Human Life on Earth. So by right, Islam belongs to the Al-Aalameen — to the entire universe. 

Who are we to put limits on it? 

The only thing is for us to do everything in our power to keep our hearts and minds pure and clean. And to do what we do, as much as we possibly can, for Allah, and not for worldly gains and purposes.

And the other thing we should constantly worry about is to make sure that everything we try to do works the way it should. For, while Perfection belongs to Allah, Excellence in everything we touch should always be our primary goal and our duty.

May Allah bless and reward all those who are active in the field of taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it, and grant them steadfastness — Istiqaamat.

Innalladheena Qaaloo Rabbunallahu,
Tatanazzalu Alaihimul Malaa-ikatu,
Allaa Takhaafoo wa Laa Tahzanoo,
Wa Abshiroo Bil-Jannatillatee Kuntum Tu’adoon.

Nahnu Awuliyaa-ukum Fil Hayaatid-duniyaa wa Fil-Aakhirah.