Marrying the Perfect to the Imperfect [Quote - 491]

Jan 30, 2014

Islam is from God. Therefore, it has to be perfect.

Muslims are people. Therefore, they have to be imperfect.

This world is a place where there is a marriage of the perfect with the imperfect -- of the Divine System of Islam with mortal and flawed human beings who answer to the name of Muslim.

You can imagine the rest of the story: a troubled roller-coaster relationship between the two.

That is why, as someone so wonderfully put it: While the Faith is perfect, many of the Faithful are not.

Yet, the fact remains, in any time or place, imperfect as they are, these Muslims are the people whom God has chosen to carry his flag -- and wear his uniform.

For, no one comes into Islam, either by birth or through conversion, except based on a direct invitation from him -- from God.


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