Mary Rinehart and Agatha Christie Might as Well Have Said: The Soviets Did It Or Islamic Puppets and Their Ever-Changing New Puppeteers [Quote - 139]

Sep 1, 2010

“I have this feeling that the terrible condition of Muslims in Afghanistan – the poverty, the illiteracy, the social backwardness, and the rest – never quite caught the imagination of the self-styled Good Muslims of this world till the Soviets came calling, and the CIA got upset, and gave them some guns and money, and told them to start shooting up the Communist “Kuffar.”

Islamic Pulpits around the world called Mimbars then lit up like so many Christmas trees and the Jihad canary never quite stopped singing. Islamic Puppets never danced more merrily than when they danced under the thumbs of their new mostly Non-Islamic Puppeteers.” (Dr. Pasha)

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