Miracles Galore! [Quote – 1061]

Oct 17, 2020

From his high heaven, God Almighty, sent down a book. 

He called it a “Book.” In fact, he called it “The Book.” 

Or “That Book.”

He said, in that Book:


Kitaabun Unzila Ilayika.

And he said:


Wal Kitaabil-Ladhi Nazzala Alaa Rasulihi.

And he called it “That Book.”

Dhaalikal Kitaab!

And declared “That Book” to be totally Error Free.

Dhaalikal Kitaabu,
Laa Rayiba Feehi!

This, to me, is a nothing short of a Miracle. In fact, a whole Cavalcade of Miracles.

Allah knows best, and people on earth can research, as they should, and verify the validity of what I am saying here. 

As they should research and verify the validity of everything they hear from any source. And not live their lives purely based on Hearsay and Gossip.

There is absolutely no Miracle like it on the face of this earth.

And a Miracle to me is little more than an event whose probability or likelihood of occurrence is so small or miniscule as to be almost nonexistent.

What say you Muslims? 

How much of this did you share with the rest of the world? Which, you must know, is your first and foremost duty on this earth?

It is not enough for Muslims to declare the Qur’an to be a Miracle, based entirely on their Faith

It is critical that Muslims understand the Individual Miracles that are contained in every aayat of the Qur’an.

And, if you ask me, in every word of the Qur’an!


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