Modesty, Thy Name Is Man [Quote - 507]

Feb 22, 2014

Human beings have much to be modest about.

Their life on earth is only a matter of decades -- for the best placed among them.

And the most robust among them in health could be laid low by an organism they cannot even see. 

And those who think are the most powerful and indomitable among them are in a holding pattern for death, which no one knows when it will strike, how and where.

Not one of them has ever beaten the odds of death, decay and turning to dust. 

And human knowledge is so pitiful that it barely goes beyond a few random facts of dubious validity tagged on to some ill-formed guesses and hypotheses. 

Against such a backdrop, the thought that an All-Powerful and All-Knowing God exists is tantalizing. 

And the belief -- for a belief is all it is -- that he is also a Loving, Caring God is overwhelming. 


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