Muslim Silence on Alcohol Use in America and the World

Dec 12, 2020


Muslim Silence on Alcohol Use in America and 
the World

Dr. Pasha

Does alcohol use lead to cancer? If it does, then to use alcohol is to abuse it.

All kinds of industries promote alcohol use in our society and around the world.

And these include Advertising, Public Relations, Radio, Television, Social Media of all kinds, Movies, Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Sports, Hotels, Restaurants, Colleges, and practically every other source of influence and persuasion.

And there are barely any counterforces educating the public about the negative health effects of alcohol.

Not churches; not mosques; not media; not doctors; not professors; not students; not politicians; practically no one.

In fact, alcohol is perhaps one of the least discussed drugs in our society. It is almost like it is a Taboo Subject. No one is allowed to talk about it or discuss it. Everyone is afraid to touch it.

It is time for Muslims to shoulder their God-given responsibility of raising awareness in society about all the negative social and health outcomes associated with alcohol.

Is alcohol a carcinogen? The question is hardly ever raised. What if alcohol use does turn out to be associated with cancer? Don’t the American People have a right to know this fact? 

Doesn’t the world have a right to know?

And don’t the media, schools, colleges, churches, hospitals and everyone else have a duty to inform America and inform the world about this?

And don't Muslims have a special duty to undertake this job: of informing, and educating, and persuading the world?

And don’t Muslim doctors in particular have a special responsibility in this regard?

A mass movement needs to be created with a view to roll back the enormous hold that alcohol consumption has on our life and society, the way we were able to do with tobacco.

Otherwise, This Silent Killer will continue to claim lives, without our even knowing about it!

And once again Muslims would have dropped the ball on one of the most burning issues of our time.

Dr. Pasha

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