Muslims: A People of Protest Par Excellence

Sep 9, 2014

Muslims: A People of Protest Par Excellence

Dr. Pasha

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Protests, Protests and Even More Protests

If ever there were a People of Protest Par Excellence in the world, it is the Muslims. Anything, anywhere, Muslims will do it: Jump and Protest.

For any reason, cause or issue; and at any place or time, standard Muslim response to life and its challenges seems to be protest and more protest and even more protest.

And then, having done their protest routine, the Muslims will quietly dismantle their camps and go home to do whatever it is they do with the rest of their lives.

I have not seen or heard many Muslims wondering about this or questioning it in any form or fashion. To Muslims all around, that seems to be the proper way of doing life.

Protests and more protests.

Chapter closed.

End of story.

I guess that is what happens to people without leadership.

And without hope.

And without confidence or faith in themselves -- or in their God.

And without a viable agenda for future or a set of real priorities.

And without a meaningful proactive plan of action for dealing with life and its realities.

I mean people who have gotten used to going through life looking in the rear-view mirror and not focusing on the road in front of them.

I am not even sure Muslim protest has not become a self-sustaining industry of some kind.

News Item That Got My Goat

Only recently I saw a news item. I generally ignore news, but this one got my goat, as they say.

Muslims jumped into action, the news item said, meaning Muslims were out organizing to launch a protest, yet another one. And this one was going to be against the "delay in help for Kashmir flood" situation.

For Heaven's Sake, people. That is the best you all could do: Protest?

That is what a dead people does: protest; lament; moan; mope; sulk; and cuss!

But wait, the story gets better. The news item I am referring to is actually juicier than I thought. Here is an actual quote:

"Join Protest against lethargic response to Kashmir Floods

On Wednesday, 10 Sept 2014 from 12 noon to 4pm we will be
assembling at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi ..."

That is right, this time around Muslims are protesting "Lethargy," which, if you ask me, is a common human ailment.

So, protest Human Nature! Bravo, Muslims of India! You outdid yourself!

Sold Out Leadership

I am not saying it, and no one should say things like that, but just wondering: how much were these guys paid for coming up with moderately stupid jokes like this?

"Sold Out" leadership is not an exclusive Muslim thing you know. Everybody has their share.

And it is not something new, even for Muslims. Muslims have done it for a long time.

When Hazrat Husain, Radiyallahu Anhu, headed out to Karbala and wanted to know the lay of the land of the Iraq Muslims' hearts and minds, he was told:

"Their hearts are with you, but their swords are with Yazid!"

Cursing the Cannons of Italy

At one time I heard a story that sounded more like a joke than a true story. But now that I have seen Muslims in action, I do not need to wonder or ask anyone if there was any truth to that story.

The story I am referring to had to do with Italy's devastating attacks on some Muslim territories -- mostly in Africa -- during World War II.

The Muslims, I suppose that is how the story went, cursed out the mighty cannons of Italy. They cried to heaven:

"May vermin attack Italy's cannons and may their iron and steel turn into rotten, worm-eaten wood!"

And I can't help wondering and saying, Hey Muslims, just who are you protesting against anyway?

The Kashmir State Government? The Indian Federal or Central Government? Just who?

Try An Alternative: Relief Effort

Let me suggest an alternative plan of action and mobilization for you: Instead of organizing a protest, organize a relief effort for the victims of flood in Kashmir -- Muslims, non-Muslims and everyone in between.

Do this thing this time around and see what happens when something bad happens next time -- Laa Samahallah, as you would say in Arabic. It means may God prevent any and all bad things from happening to you -- or to anyone else.

That is right, use the energy and resources you will spend in organizing the protests, use them in organizing relief activities. Just for starters.

And then see what happens -- to the flood victims.

And to you.

Muslims did that for flood victims -- or was it an earthquake? -- in Pakistan. And I thought they did a pretty good job too.

God Bless Them!

So, Muslims, stop protesting -- no one cares and no one is listening -- and start organizing relief and other meaningful action.

You are good at it.


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