Muslims and a Lost Humanity


Muslims and a Lost Humanity

A Muslim Whom God Has Blessed with a Keen Mind and Caring Soul

Today, in Friday Prayers, I listened to Surah Al Asr being recited by the man leading the Salaatul Jum’ah. And it was like hearing it for the first time. 

The Aayat rang out in my ears:

Innal Insaana La-fee Khusr. 

“Humanity is lost!
“Humanity is in a terrible shape.
“Calamity stares Humanity in the face.”

Subhanallah! The story and plight of human beings!

What a statement! What a characterization of human life on earth! Human beings are simply lost. Gone!

And our people, the Muslims, it seems, are also lost, albeit in a somewhat different sense. They appear totally indifferent to the fate of the world and to what is happening to human beings all around them. 

Muslims appear quite at ease with leaving Humanity in the State of Loss, in which the Qur’an says Humanity is today. As they go about life counting their “blessings,” raising their funds, holding their conferences and conventions, and having their “Halal” and Islamic kind of fun and games.

And doing all the things that Muslims seem to be so busily engaged in doing. 

And meanwhile, Humanity, the Qur’an declares, is lost. Most humans seem to have no clue where they came from and where they are going.

And how to get there. 

And most Muslims appear to be totally unaware that God Almighty has tied their own fate to the fate of the world, and to the fate of the rest of the Human Race around them, both in This World as well as in the Next World

And he did that by declaring us — human beings in general, but Muslims in particular — his own personal representatives on earth: Khaleefah!

All this tells me how important our work is, both for us and for the world. And how we cannot abandon it or turn our back on it. 

And how we cannot even slow down, no matter what the difficulties and challenges that fill our path.

And how critical and life-saving really our work is for everybody: for those of us currently engaged in it; for Muslims in general; as well as for each and every single member of the entire Human Race — The work of Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It — and Which One Does Not?