Muslims and The Truth Test

Mar 3, 2024

Muslims and The Truth Test

February 1st 2024

Muslims must face a Truth Test. 

By that I mean, do Muslims even know what the truth is about various goings on in the world? And about various things in the world? 

And, also, how do they react when they find out what the truth is?

For the longest time, this Aayat used to puzzle me:

Allahul-Ladhee Anzalal Kitaba Bilhaqqi, Walmeezana.


Allah is the one who sent down the book with Truth,

And also sent down the Scale or Balance of Justice.

Then it became clear to me that there is a Truth Test with regard to everything.

And one major difference between Islam and other systems is that Islam is Truth, All Truth, and Nothing But Truth. 

That means Islam is Haqq, whereas other systems are a mixture of Truth and Falsehood.

Associating Meezan with Haqq strongly suggests that Truth must be proclaimed, established and implemented, without fear or favor as they say.

So, one of the first things Muslims must do is to set themselves firmly on a path of discovery. The path that will lead to them to discover the Truth about everything. 

And once they discover what the Truth is about anything, then it is up to them to decide how they must react to it and how they should further with it. 

Their fate, the fate of the Muslims that is, as well as the fate of the whole world, will be decided based on how seriously Muslims pursue Truth and how they react to Truth once they discover it.

Is any of this making sense to anyone?

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