Muslims and Their Core Mission on Earth

Mar 3, 2024

Muslims and Their Core Mission On Earth

Jan 31st 2024

If I were not a Muslim, I would say I am a heartbroken man. Even though my heart is broken a billion times. And it continues to be. 

Not just the daily heartbreaks of the Everyday Kind. 

Not even the heartbreaks caused by what the world is doing to the Muslims. And those are enormous.

But heartbreaks based on what the Muslims are doing to themselves and to the world. Meaning, God put the Muslims on this earth to take care of the earth and its many, many, many inhabitants. 

Both Muslim and non-Muslim; both human and non-human.

But Muslims seem to be doing everything, and worried about everything, except that core mission for which God designed them and made them the custodians of this world.

The consequences for both the Muslims and the world are what they are.

And the cascade of heartbreaks continues. Even though, as a Muslim, I am not, and I cannot be, a Heartbroken Man.

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