Muslims are not absent

Feb 22, 2023

Muslims are not absent

Muslims are not absent. What is happening today, both globally and locally, is their dong for the most part. 

And of course Shaitan is working overtime. But he is only doing his job. Going about doing what he undertook to do. Fulfilling his commitment and his plan that he laid out in some detail before Allah. 

If only we worried about our commitment. And did what we committed ourselves to do. Not the least when we said Balaa! As in Qaaloo Balaa!

It would be wonderful if we could get in place some platform like Youtube to share our ideas and concerns with the world. Of course, things are not what they used to be. My strength yoyos back and forth, just as Allah decrees. But at least my heart is still with this. But I am more beholden to crutches like other people.

But advancing age -- Everybody is Getting Older by the Second! -- and attending infirmities seem to be no barrier for Allah to show his wonders to whom he pleases.

Muslims are happy with their fiddle.

Muslims have always done this. Kill their best talent or just let it lapse and fade away. They don't have any sense of mission or purpose or direction. And they are set upon and distracted and plundered by every Islamic hyena along the way.

And all of this for this Duniya, which could end for the best of us at any moment, without notice.

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. Go YouTube, young man! Seems to be the cry of the times.

Let us see what Allah does.

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