Muslims Awaken to a New Year of Tyranny

Dec 31, 2017

Muslims Awaken to a New Year of Tyranny

Dr. Pasha

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Their target is Iran — the Islamic Republic of Iran. And everything they do is directed toward the overriding objective of making the Islamic Menace emanating from Iran disappear.

While Non-Muslim Colonial Masters of the World are the ones hatching the plots and pulling the strings and setting in motion the events designed to achieve this objective, their Muslim stooges, sycophants, slaves, agents and tools are the ones who act as the tip of the spear.

Let me explain.

As the rest of the world wakes to a bright New Year, much of what is called the Muslim World is groaning under the brutal heels of all kinds of dictators and tyrants: Royal, Military, Civilian and Every Other Kind

While these tyrants themselves work for their former Colonial Masters, they have under their command and influence entire armies of Mercenary “Muslim Clerics,” as the Media calls them, decked with all kinds of fancy titles such as Imams, Mullahs, Mowlanas, Shaikhs and the rest.

How easily it is forgotten by all — by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike — that Islam came into this world to Set Humanity Free from the bondage of all kinds of tyranny and dictatorship. 

And that included the Secular Tyranny of the Kings as well as the Religious Tyranny of the Priestly Hierarchy, regardless of what the religion in question was. 

And Islam then connected human beings directly to God Almighty — without an intermediary of any kind, religious or secular.

Because of Islam, human beings were now able to “Talk to God Directly,” which they did not know before how to do, and which nobody told them before they could do.

Islam not only told them that they could “Talk to God Directly,” it also showed them how to do it.

But today, a very active and robust Muslim Secular Tyranny, in the form of Kings and Other Tyrants and Dictators, has regenerated and commandeered a full-fledged Religious Hierarchical Tyranny of Assorted Muslim Priests

And in many cases, they have co-opted and neutralized the so-called Muslim Leadership, such as it is, wherever they could.

As a result of This Twin Tyranny — Secular and Religious — and given this Co-optation and Neutralization of their putative leadership, Muslims are back exactly where they started, well over 1400 years ago.

This Lethal Muslim Religious-Secular Satanic Combine of the past 100 years or more, in tandem with a Corrupt and Sold-Out Leadership, first helped British and French Colonial Masters to dismantle and destroy the Muslim Turkish Ottoman Empire or Khilafat at the start of the 20th Century.

Then they handed over Muslim Lands and Resources to their Colonial Masters and Their Agents on a platter. And turned the Muslim Ummah into Slaves on a Plantation.

Then, more recently, when Iran in 1979 launched a Revolution that it insisted was Islamic, these Muslim Mercenaries and their Masters used every tool and device in their power to stop and deflect and abort that Islamic Revolution, and distort its true nature and make it change its course.

They understood only too well, these Muslim Mercenaries and their Masters, that True Islam, whether Shi’a or Sunni, would be a death-knell to their own Islamic and Pseudo-Nationalistic Pretensions, and to their dreams of Plundering Muslim Wealth and Resources in perpetuity to fill the coffers of their Colonial Masters.

When they failed to stop the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, they got Iraq to invade Iran’s fledgling democratic government in 1980. This War of Invasion and Aggression lasted for eight full years, inflicting death and disability on millions of Muslims, both Shi’a and Sunni.

But, once again, they failed. Islamic Republic of Iran did not fall.

Then, in the early 1990s, it set about destroying Iraq itself, which at that time was considered the Most Developed Middle Eastern State. And Saddam Hussein, the Pharaonic and Foolish Tyrant of Iraq, was hunted out of a hole like a rat and hanged in public like a dog — by the same Colonial Masters whom he and his faithless friends had served so loyally for so many decades.

If this was Divine Punishment for all the terrible things that Saddam Hussein and Iraq did for 20 years past against the Muslims of Iran is anyone’s guess.

Even more recently, in 2013, this diabolical combination of Muslim Secular and Muslim Religious Tyranny destroyed the only democratically elected government Egypt ever had, after an uninterrupted 60-plus years of the Most Brutal and Barbaric Military Dictatorship.

And now, this same deathly combination of Muslim Secular and Religious Tyrants and Thugs, under its Colonial Masters and Mentors, has once again set its sights on wiping out the Islamic Republic of Iran from the map.

And the Islamic Menace that comes out of it.

An objective they and their Colonial Masters and Mentors never tired of dreaming, and working for, right from the outbreak of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.


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