Being Muslims, 
Will Do What Muslims Do Best! [Quote – 938]

Nov 22, 2018

Muslims are Muslims, right? And they have their Jannat guaranteed for them, Right?

Well, more or less! Fair?

Meaning: Muslims are going to get to Heaven, as the Christians call it, one way or the other. Sooner or later, right?


So, Muslims do what Muslims do: 

(a) Nothing.

(b) Do it sloppily, whatever it is they do, or partially and do an incomplete job.

(c) Lie, cheat, dissemble, and misrepresent things.

Just look at Muslims in all their habitats — from so-called Muslim World to their new habitations in England, Europe, America and wherever.

(d) Find some creative angle to turn whatever situation or circumstance is out there into a trick — a tool, a device, an opportunity, an occasion — to either make money for themselves and for their relatives and friends. 

(e) Or to gain personal power and position and name and fame for themselves and for their people, whoever they are.

(f) Example: Every little boy morphing into an instant Sheekh and running Islam as a business for the Colonized Masses of Muslims.

(f) Example: This Halal Booking, That Halal Something, This Retreat or That Retreat … you name it.

And, while Muslims do all this Muslim Thing, two things will happen:

(A) Condition of Muslims will deteriorate and get from bad to worse, in general and along a number of measurement indicators and variables.

(B) Condition of the World will also get from bad to worse in all kinds of ways that are too varied and too numerous to catalog here. 

(C) And Muslim Leadership — in particular those among Muslims who force, trick, coerce, manipulate and foist themselves in positions of leadership among Muslims — will be responsible for this terrible situation of the Muslims on the one hand and of the entire World on the other hand.

(D) And Colonized Muslim Masses will share the blame to the extent they remain ignorant and uncaring of any of this.

This, to some degree, explains the condition and history of both Muslims and the World, for as long as you want to look back.

So, is it a problem of Iman? And Aqeedah, as the Aqeedah Crowd used to call it? Or is it something else, such as, maybe, Character?

Of course, the two are closely correlated: Belief and Behavior; Iman and Character; Ilm and Amal; Aqeedah and Akhlaaq.

The Qur’an calls the Amal, the Character part with the most amazing name of Tazkiyah

And couples the two together in many places in the Qur’an: (a) Yu’allimuhum and (b) Yuzakkeehim.

So, if you ask me, even though the two things are interconnected, the real and most urgent issue that Muslims need to address is Character.

It is Akhlaaq and Amal. It is their Mu’aamalaat.

It is their Behavior and Conduct.

Qur’an says so. 

Hadith says so. 

Even a fellow like Iqbal said so. 

So, will Muslims start addressing their character issues urgently and on a priority basis? At least now?

Who knows!

Muslims being Muslim I mean. Hurtling on their path to Heaven or Jannat


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