Muslims Can Be Really Funny [Quote – 1049]

Jul 30, 2020

Muslims are among the funniest people I know. Nothing short of hilarious.

And the way they use language, leaves you in stitches.

First they say, they are Allah's Fully Owned Slaves. And he is their absolute, unquestioned Master.

Then they say everything they have belongs to Allah. Meaning, the owner and master of whatever they have in this world is also God Almighty. He gave them all those things, and he owns them. They are all his property.

And that, they say, includes their health, wealth, money, power, family, education, time, life and all else.

Not one of these things, they repeat, is theirs. It is all God Almighty's property.

And then they explain that the reason why God made them and placed them in this world was to Work for Him. 

Twenty-Four Seven!

Nothing else.

And they quote the Qur'an:

Wa Maa Khalaqtul Jinna wal-Insa Illaa Li-Ya'budooni.

Or they fetch some local Mercenary Mullah to help them with that passage of the Qur'an.

And then when it comes to doing any Work for Allah, things they say they are doing for Allah, in whatever form or shape, they say:

We are Volunteers!

We are spending what money, time and resources of "Our Own," we can spare to Work for Allah. Meaning whatever is left after meeting our own personal, family, social, business, professional, entertainment, political and all other needs.

If that is not funny, what is?

Sometimes I think maybe that is one reason God created America, and America then created the expression: You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

The Qur'an says about such people:

Innamaa Nahnu Mustahzi-oon.

"We Are Only Kidding!"

No wonder Muslims are waiting to die and go to Paradise -- Jannat -- in the Next World. For, it seems to me with that kind of a mindset, and with that kind of logic and attitude, they really can't cut it right here in This World.

Funny or What!


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