Muslims Cannot Be Error-Free!
That Is Not How the System Is Designed!
And It May Not Be Good for the World If They Were!

Dec 25, 2017

Muslims Cannot Be Error-Free!
That Is Not How the System Is Designed!
And It May Not Be Good for the World If They Were!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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Muslims are heir to a Perfect System called Islam. A System that is Error Free -- Laa Rayiba Feehi!

Islam is a System of Thought, Action and Management designed and produced by God Almighty himself by which to run his creation.

The Universe, directly under the control of this Divine System of Islam, works perfectly. It works with what we can only say is Zero Error

By that I mean things in Nature work exactly as they are supposed to: Perfect!

Maa Taraa Fee Khalqir Rahmaani Min Tafaawut!

Hal Taraa MIn Futoor?

And that would mean, for those who know and understand Nature, there are no surprises in the way the World of Allah -- Nature -- works.

But Muslims are human. And as human beings, they are profoundly flawed and prone to error. 

Consider this: 

Created with all the weaknesses and complexities and complications inherent to Human Nature, and, on top of that, beset from every direction by an invisible and yet indefatigable army of Devils in hot pursuit Day and Night, who wouldn't be?

Besides, what would happen to the world if Muslims lived an error-free life?

Wouldn't the game of life be over on this earth if Muslims were perfect people? 

The final whistle would have been blown; the final score in the battle between Right and Wrong and between Good and Evil, and between Haqq and Baatil, and between Truth and Falsehood would have been called; and the game would have been over. 

The stadium would empty and it would be time for everyone to go home -- to God!

Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Ilayihi Raaji’oon!

The world would end and Jannat and Jahannam -- Heaven and Hell -- will be the order of the day and will take over the running of things.

And the Final Glory will manifest itself:

Wa Ashraqatil Ardu Bi-Noori Rabbihaa!

"And the Earth will radiate with the Light of her Master!"

That is what would happen if the Muslims, miraculously and against all odds, were suddenly to go error-free! 

It simply wouldn't be fair to the rest of Humanity, would it?

Humanity that is still plodding along, so pathetically and woefully, struggling so mightily to make up its mind about such rudimentary issues as whether or not there is a God, and what kind of God he is, and how many children he has, and how he decides to dispose of his children -- whether to keep them or to kill them off.

Those people need a break. They need some more time to get their act together. 

And Muslims, by doing the foolish things they do, give Humanity that much-needed time to catch up and to save itself. Muslims, by their folly, prolong human life and experience on earth and stave off the End of Time.

They help put off the Day of Reckoning for others!

That is why we are taught and asked by Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to pray for Muslims: 

"Ya Allah forgive the Muslim men and women!"

Allahummaghfir Lil Muslimeena Wal Muslimaat!


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