Muslims, Democrats, Republican Establishment!
And the Media!
Give Donald Trump a Break?

Jan 29, 2017


Muslims, Democrats, Republican Establishment!
And the Media!
Give Donald Trump a Break?

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)


This is a curious title to use and it is rather a strange case to make at a time when media and parts of the world are already reeling under the impact of President Trump’s Refugee-Muslim Ban promulgated in Executive Orders issued on Friday, January 27, 2017.

But Truth must be spoken, no matter what the circumstances, and the sooner it is spoken the better, for, things change with such electric rapidity in this Social Media Age.

My concern is how everybody is after him. Donald Trump I mean. And that is a good sign in a certain sense. For, that tells you something. 

Long time ago, I developed a simple model that when everyone and everything is after something, that something bears watching.

It tells me that something is going on so far as that something is concerned.

So why, I ask myself, is CNN so fanatically and implacably after Trump – and, more or less, all the other media outfits? Why is Megan Kelly after him?

And why is the staid Washington Post and the venerable New York Times?

And, of course, all the sleaze-specialists in the Republican Establishment -- with or without cause -- from John McCain, whom Trump blasted as a non-hero and busted his bubble forever, and his alter-brain Lindsey Graham, who sold his non-existent soul to foreign lobbyists and who ran against Trump in the Republican Primaries and who as a candidate, to quote Trump, "could not crack One Percent."

So why are they all out to get Trump?

And oleaginous Paul Ryan, of all places from Janesville, Wisconsin, and his former boss Mitt Romney with a bone stuck in his throat which made him, as Trump put it, "choke” when he ran against Barack Obama in 2012.

And everyone else, coming out of every conceivable piece of woodwork, to disown, disavow and blast him on every conceivable subject from personal morality to political naiveté to business chauvinism to tax evasion through non-disclosure of his tax returns.

Why are they all after Trump, I ask myself?

And so ruthlessly too, even if Trump is old enough, and tough enough, and wealthy and resourceful enough to take care of himself and to punch back harder than anyone ever attacks him?

As if there was, as Jefferson would put it, No Just God in Heaven – before whom all his children are equal? And that God is not also, at the same time, the God of Donald Trump, such as he was, and is, whatever he was and is: good, bad or indifferent?

Good as well as bad, maybe, but indifferent Donald Trump was not. And he certainly is not.

There were times when Donald Trump cut such a desolate and forlorn figure of Shakespearean tragedy proportions on the campaign trail, no less than a Hamlet, an Othello, a King Lear, or whoever, that it was hard not to "feel his pain," to paraphrase Bill Clinton.

He appeared so friendless and so woebegone and so alone.

He seemed to be so inexorably and irreversibly sliding into the inevitable doom and darkness that awaited him, with every media hound nipping at his heels.

Except for his three adult children Donald Jr., Eric and Invanka Trump, who stood by him through all the thick and thin that anybody from any side seemed to pelt at him!

These three Trump Kids appeared remarkably well-behaved and well-spoken at all times. And they reflected solidarity with their father as well as personal class, grace, poise and purpose with every gesture and word and move.

To have brought up three children like these, one after the other, in today's world, specifically in an American culture presided over by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, not to say the Kardashians, and the Ruling Deity of All, Madonna, who wanted to do special sexual favors to Hillary Clinton voters and who now has fantasies about blowing up the White House after Trump won the elections – I have no words to describe this phenomenon of Trump’s success with his kids other than to call it a minor human miracle.

Maybe Trump should write a book called The Art of Parenting.

And God Almighty gives what he wants to whom he wants, whether it is a Donald Trump or someone else.

The Muslims are upset with him because he has said certain egregious things about Muslims up front. But nothing others may not have said and done before him in all kinds of devious and deceitful and subtle ways. 

Including Baby Bush who wondered aloud what kind of God Muslims worshiped. But with W, it may have been a real question, and not necessarily an anti-Muslim slam.

And Bill Clinton, who told Muslims to get the hell out of America unless they were willing to behave and act properly.

And even sage Obama, who coyly suggested, from inside the portals of a mosque no less, that the solution to America's problems was for Muslims to spy and snitch on each other!

Any idea what kind of damage all these things would have done to generation after generation of Muslims, both inside and outside America? 

But that is not a Muslim concern. And those are not Muslim issues.

So, I say to the Muslims: I know your lives and priorities are shaped and guided by the media, and by little boys running around pretending to be Islamic Clergy and Islamic Chaplains, still, how about giving Donald Trump a break?

The fact is, America elected Trump fair and square. Now, let things take their course. 

And you, Muslims, are supposed to be the guardians of fairness, honesty and integrity in the world, regardless of where God Almighty may have placed you. 

And you are expected to be the champions of things like justice and truth and whatever.

Even if it is against yourselves!

Wa Lawu Alaa Anfusikum is how the Qur’an puts it.

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