Muslims Like to Hide Under Cliches!
Solution? Spell Out Things, One at a Time! [Quote – 1050]

Aug 1, 2020

Cliches are empty words. They have no meaning or significance. And they are a way to avoid accountability. 

Say what you want and accept no responsibility for what you are saying.

Muslims love to hide under Cliches for precisely that reason.

And their Chore or Gadha Leadership, both “Secular” and “Religious,” encourages Muslims to dwell in the swamps where Cliches abound.

That is the best way to exploit a mostly illiterate, naive and trusting population, which is what majority of Muslims are.

Examples: UswahSunnatFollow the Qur’an; and such.

Solution? Spell out things, one at a time.

What was it, for example, Hazrat Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, did that we must follow!

Then, proceed to hold ourselves accountable whether or not we mean what we say and follow what we are supposed to follow.


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