Muslims Need to Be Visible to Each Other! [Quote – 875]

Dec 29, 2017

Those of us who are a part of the Western Wing of the Muslim Ummah, meaning those of us who are domiciled in the West by birth or immigration, are often incredibly busy. But, regardless, we need to find ways to be visible to each other. 

And do so consistently.

Of course, this may be easier said than done. But making it happen — making ourselves consistently visible to each other — is something we cannot escape.

It is our duty under God’s Law.

Here is a Theoretical Model that should help to clarify this. It is encapsulated in a Hadith Sharif, this Model.

To me, Hadith is a most unimpeachable fact of life. 

Meaning, so long as the Isnaad, the Chain of Narration is checked and verified by competent authorities called Muhadditheen, the content of the Hadith is as real as the Midday Sun in a cloudless sky.

Sometimes, even a weak and wobbly Sanad (another name for the Chain of Narration) could be hiding a priceless gem of a valid Hadith.

Given that, my choice of expressions and words such as “Theoretical Model” is more along scientific lines than based on everyday use of language. 

So, from that point of view, a Theoretical Model is a general statement that explains many specific instances, examples and observations from everyday life.

So, the Hadith Sharif, to the extent I am able to recall it at this time, goes like this:

Al-Mu’minu Mir’aatul Mu’min!

“A Believer Is A Mirror in which other Believers are 
able to see and check themselves constantly.”

So, how are the Believers to use this Mirror when the mirror goes missing from the wall?

Now, can you add to the Mix the A-haadeeth (plural for Hadith) which insist that Muslims must pray in Jama’at in the Congregation, rather than at home?

And that Muslim men must attend Jum’ah Congregation, no matter what?


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