Muslims Should Tell Themselves [Quote – 930]

Aug 9, 2018

Muslims should tell themselves, those of them who read and write, that they cannot live with typos in the text to which they have access any more than they can live with gaping holes in the walls of their homes. 

Or with missing Carburetors in their cars if cars still use Carburetors, which most cars don’t. Or, maybe, I should say with defective Fuel Injection Systems.

Typos are that serious.

For, Islam is “Human Perfection,” right here on this earth, even though perfection is a Divine Attribute, and not attainable by “Man,” as the Christian-Jewish-Western writers would say.

And even though the expression “Human Perfection” is an oxymoron.

But one thing should be clear: Making, reproducing, condoning, accepting and ignoring typos in our texts is a sin. 

That is right: A SinA typo is a sin.

And I repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness for all the typos I have been instrumental in producing, causing, condoning, ignoring or tolerating.


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