Muslims Sticking Together -- And Working Together [Quote - 849]

Aug 15, 2017

It is a requirement of this Deen of Islam that Muslims stick together. And they work together.

Here is a Hadith Sharif:

Yadullahi Ma'al Jamaa'ah!

One simple paraphrase: 

"Allah's hand is with the group."

At one level, Islam is all about Jamaa'ah: The Group.

Even though it is all about the individual: Fard.

And the bottomline, as they say, about Jamaa'ah is the magic number 3: three people.

That is the minimum needed to establish Jum'ah.

And that is when -- when there are three individuals together -- "they," according to Hadith Sharif, those three individuals, must elect one of "them" as leader.

What explanation or elaboration does any of this need?


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