Muslims Talking to Muslims!

Mar 1, 2021


Muslims Talking to Muslims!

Tahir Mahmood

Assalamu Alaikum!

And what a wonderful greeting it is! None better, anywhere on earth, by any standard.

Not because the Muslims have it -- and it is a generally Muslim Greeting I mean -- but because it came directly from God: from High Heaven as it were.

It is just that Muslims held on to it, and use it in their daily life, while many other nations, societies and peoples, who received the same Greeting as a gift from God, may have forgotten it.

Dr. Pasha, Uncle Hashim and everyone, Alhamdulillah, I am doing okay in worldly terms and trying to bounce back and find a better balance to my life to the best I possibly can, Inshallah.

I dunno why and I dislike it very much to trouble you all with my passiveness and autocruise set in place. Spring has come it seems and the early shoots have come, some audio has been posted online in the past week or so.

Mashallah, it's been beautiful to listen to the power of the Qur'an Arabic sessions, although mostly in patches whilst preparing them for upload. 

All of you, Uncle Hashim, Saleem, Kalam and others making amazing efforts, and who in their right mind wouldn't want to join in or go to the Aayaat and recite/sing those Aayaat, Subhanallah. 

How many people are losing out on all this wealth that Allah has provided! Both Muslims and non-Muslims! And what good is it that we know about it or partake in it, ourselves, and the rest of the world does not? 

And the rest of the world is neither informed nor invited to these Blessings?

I hear the happiness and power in Kalam's voice and connection. Him becoming a grandfather, Mashallah.

My dear Uncle Hashim you have lost your sister and your children their aunty. I have had it on my list to write to you. A person like you were no doubt close to your sister. I am sorry I dont know the circumstances of how she passed, yet I hope and ask Allah to shower his Maghfirah and Rahmah on her and grant her Alfirdaus Al-alaa and guide you all to respond to this test in the way he is most pleased with.

Sisters are special and so are their children.

The two wonderful doctors from the US, I recall you both lost a good friend recently to COVID and may Allah give him Alfirdaus as well and give you and all of us Istiqaamat to keep going forward in the good works as all these blessed people before us did and, if Allah wants, even better.

Siddeeque, may Allah open up India towards better days. We here in the west need to up our game and not think that the contribution of spreading awareness through the Massacres book is too little of an effort towards fighting a huge Jaloot -- Goliath.

Hassan, I have managed to catch glimpses of your efforts to be part of the Arabic sessions, and with your busy life and that of all the others, you have been blessed with all this. And I see the hand of Allah behind the magic of the way things have unfolded Subhanallah, and, of course, I need to get my own act together.

Last but not least, aunty Pasha, you are so right, Dr. Pasha doesn't speak Urdu anywhere as well as you, Mashallah, but he tries, and as you would perhaps say we can just about make out what he is saying. 

Please forgive us if we have not called in the past and Allah knows how much we have remembered and felt for you over the years with all your struggles and sacrifices and also those of your children. 

Wishing you all the best of Duniya and Aakhirat. Aameen!

Apologies for the lengthy email and Allah bless you all for reading it. 



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