Aug 10, 2016


Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Muslims are hard to get. Busy people, Muslims!

Doing nothing — maybe!

Whiling away their time talking. Often, favorite pastime, talking, for Muslims.

Hurtling on their way to Jannah. Busy building houses in Paradise.

No time or inclination to pause, look around and smell the roses while we are still on this side of the Grave.

Because we all have to dive in a hole, or should I say be thrown in a ditch — and most likely eaten by worms — before we wake up in Jannah or Paradise.

Worm Feast!

I suspect that is what many — if not most — of us are destined to be.

Blessed people: Muslims.

Not much time or inclination to make Allah’s world better — or to meet and serve the needs of Allah’s creation in all forms and shapes: from Muslim to non-Muslim; and from human to non-human.

Does anybody know just by blessing the Muslims you can get into Paradise Jannat? What a deal!

What a Deen!

And what a people!

That is right!

Just say — and keep repeating:

Allahummagh-Fir Lil-Muslimeena Wal Muslimaat!

Wal Mu’mineena Wal Mu’minaat!

Yeah, that will get you into Jannat all right.

Did you notice how “The Women” are part of the deal here?

And, did you know, this woman thing was given to you 1400 years ago. Not in 1980 — 35 years ago?

And not in the 1920s!

Certainly, the women, in Islam, did not have to wait till the dawn of the 20th Century before anyone thought of any rights for them.

Rights such as allowing them to vote, for example?

It is a long story — the Woman’s Story. And a very painful one.

That is why Islam came into this world: to give women their rights.

As for our jobs, and our businesses — our work that is. Well, we all know, in Islam, work is worship. 

Muslims must understand that devotion to work is devotion to Allah. 

And in Islam work is Ibaadat.

And honesty in work is no less important, and no less required, than honesty and sincerity in Ibaadat such as Salaah or Prayers as the Muslims call them.

Just like Education.

In Islam, Education Is Us! Did you know that?

And did you know that when we walk in the pathways of education, we walk in God’s Path — that he paved for us all the way to Paradise?

That we actually step on the wings of angels and under their shadows?

How do we improve this Deen — as some people say they want to do?

How do you reform this Deen — as some people insist we all must try to do?

Is there a better package deal available for anyone anywhere — in what is called the Marketplace of Ideas?

A better combination of Deen and Dunya?

Of the body and the spirit?

Of This World and the Next World?


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