My Experience with Allah

Aug 25, 2017


My Experience with Allah

Dr. Pasha

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Who hasn't had experience with Allah? He is all that there is that is real in our life. All else is False.

Nothing but a shadow and a mirage!

As one Arabic poet "before" Islam put it -- Muslims call people like him Jaahilee Poets:

A-laa Kullu Shay-in Maa Khalallaha Baatilu.

A very broad paraphrase:

"Everything other than Allah is all nonsense!
And has no real basis in reality or any real meaning of its own!"

So, my experience with Allah is that he may keep me waiting at the door for 20 years, or more if he wants -- my time, not his, for, his time is "Right Now," it is instantaneous: It is Kun Fa-Yakoon, as the Qur'an puts it, meaning there is absolutely no separation -- but he never sent me back empty handed.

Using a different calculus, that time, Allah's time, is even before you make your move. Before you even open your mouth and ask for help!

You all read your Namaz, do you not, as they say? You do Rukoo', right, every single time you do Namaz or Salaah

And then you get up from Rukoo'

What do you say, what comes out of your mouth, as taught by Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, when you get up from Rukoo'?

Do you say things like "Thank You, God"? 

Or things like "Praise Be to You, God"?

What comes out of your mouth, as you have been taught to say, is something totally different, and something totally unlikely and most unexpected:

"God Almighty has already heard your praise of him."

And he already has received the thanks you have rendered to him.

Or ever shall render to him -- at any point in your life!

Just as he has heard and received the thanks and praise of anyone who ever praised or thanked him in the past, or shall do so at any time in future, or is doing so even now -- in any form or shape.

And all the thanks and praise humans have not yet submitted -- or even thought of.

But you have not said a word, or made a gesture, or even formed an idea or intention in your mind thanking or praising him. 

Not yet.

And then, after the assurance that he has already heard your praise and your thanks, and given you what you want, you scramble, you panic and, with cold sweat of shame and guilt pouring from every pore in your soul, you blurt out as fast as you can:

"Thank You, God, Thank You!"

Rabbanaa, Wa Lakal Hamd!

So, before, after or during, Allah's decisions are ongoing. They never cease. And they are ahead of you all the time. And they trump you in everything you say or do -- every time.

So, all things good and wonderful will happen, Inshallah, how and when he wants them. And where he wants them.

And we will all be, if he wants and so decrees, part of those momentous happenings.

His way -- "sometimes," should I say, or should I say "often," or should I just go ahead and blurt it out and say "always"? -- is to make things happen in ways you cannot even imagine.

It is all Qur'an Direct: nothing more, nothing less.

Wa Yarzuqhu Min Hayithu Laa Yahtasib.

A very broad paraphrase:

"He is going to take care of you in ways you can neither fathom nor imagine!"

Yes, we must all discuss the logistics, and plan the strategies, and identify and marshal the resources that are required for all or any of these projects and ideas to eventuate. 

That is our job as human beings, as Muslims, and as Workers for Allah. That is our duty and that is our Ibaadat.

But the fact is that decisions have been made, where it matters most: at the court of Almighty Allah.

And arrangements have been most meticulously and minutely constructed and put in place.

Eons and eons ago: in eternity. As all decisions are!

It is just that we will receive that fax, and that mail, at the slower-than-snail pace that our own mortal life, and state of the purity or pollution of our soul, will permit.


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